Profile: Jack Spider-man Taylor.
30th April 2024

Leeds-based Junior Drag Bike racer Jack Spider-man Taylor, born in 2013, has been at the track since he was very young, and has been active since being allowed to run at Straightliners events.

Dad, metal fabricator David, has constructed a junior drag bike for Jack and for several other juniors racing at Melbourne Raceway. Now David has constructed Europe’s first slingshot Junior Dragster since Andy Gosling's build a while ago. Jack has kindly sent a profile of his (and Dad’s) achievements.

You can read our profile on Jack by clicking here. Thanks to Lucas Oil UK for sponsoring our feature articles, you can view all feature articles by following this link.

Race Winning Brands Europe new partner of Vegter Pro Mod Racing.
30th April 2024

Thanks to Remco Scheelings for sending this article to  Vegter Pro Mod Racing are proud to announce a partnership with Race Winning Brands Europe for the 2024 FIA European Pro Modified Championship. The Nieuw-Vennep based company are the leading manufacturer of racing and high-performance parts for the automotive and powersports markets. “We first met the representatives of Race Winning Brands Europe in the beginning of this year. We, at Vegter Pro Mod Racing, are extremely proud that Race Winning Brands Europe want to be our partners. We are sure it will be a great success for all involved.” said David Vegter and Elin Lindegren, the driving forces behind Vegter Pro Mod Racing. Vegter finished last year’s FIA European Pro Modified Championship in second position and will go for the European title in 2024.

Race Winning Brands Europe B.V. is a subsidiary of Race Winning Brands Inc situated in Mentor, Ohio, USA. Race Winning Brands are the leading manufacturer of racing and high-performance parts for the automotive and powersports markets.

Such as pistons, engine blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, connecting rods, crankshafts, clutches and other engine and driveline- related performance components. Filters, engine management, exhaust and brake components are also part of the product range of the Nieuw-Vennep based company. Apart from being a manufacturer of high-performance parts, Race Winning Brands are also the owner of several brands and distributor of many high regarded brands. With around 30 internal and external brands, Race Winning Brands’ product range exceeds 55.000 products.

The concept of one-stop shopping is therefore nowhere more applicable than with Race Winning Brands Europe. A major part of these products are readily available from a significantly large inventory. Having direct access to data and systems from their brand factories around the world, Race Winning Brands can provide knowledgeable, reliable and fast service to the European market. Being a wholesale company, Race Winning Brands Europe do not sell directly to end consumers but only to dealers and distributors all over Europe.

“We met the Race Winning Brands Europe representatives for the first time at the beginning of 2024. We were very surprised by the fact that they knew almost all the details of our performances and results in the FIA European Pro Modified Championship from the last couple of seasons. They had kept an eye on us for quite some time. We are very proud that such a great and highly regarded company want to be a partner of our team and that they want Vegter Pro Mod Racing to represent them,” said David Vegter, driver of the Vegter Pro Mod Racing ’67 Camaro.

David Vegter and his team Vegter Pro Mod Racing are one of the leading Pro Modified teams in the FIA European Drag Racing Championship. Last season the Dutch driver finished in second position in this challenging and most competitive class of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship. With a personal best of 5.740 seconds, Vegter had the quickest Pro Modified of the 2023 field. In 2024, Vegter Pro Mod Racing will again compete in the full FIA European Championship tour of five races in England, Sweden and Germany and will go for the Pro Modified title.

The FIA European Drag Racing Championship kicks off May 25-27 at Santa Pod Raceway, England. To be well prepared for the title race, Vegter will also take part in The Doorslammers, a week prior to the start of the FIA European Championship.

Within the next couple of weeks there will be more news about Vegter Pro Mod Racing and their preparations for the fast approaching 2024

Follow Vegter Pro Mod Racing on Instagram at @vegterpromodracing and Facebook: Vegter Pro Mod Racing

Swift snippets.
30th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to blown nitro slingshot Wild Bunch racer Bob Hawkins and to former Oblivion Avenger FC racer Matt Fuller. We hope you all a great day!

Festival of Power review.
29th April 2024

After a great start to the event on Friday with all classes getting through the allocated qualifying sessions for the day, on Saturday light rain in the morning caused delays in continuing with the qualifying. the sessions started roughly about midday leading into the first round of Eliminations for Pro ET and due to spillage on the track for Super Pro ET their first round was not completed.

Due to the heavy rain over Saturday evening and into Sunday mid afternoon the event was Called Off due to rain and not enough time to dry the track or completing all the classes. No winners or results and, bar Pro ET, all points will be added from the final qualifying results.

There are also some records to note:

  • ACU Super Street Bike speedDaniel Donat Lencses, 230.14 (backup 227.93) (NB The SPR track record of Alan Morrison Jnr 230.22 remains as it was not backed up)
  • SPR Track Record: Nostalgia Funny Car ET Tony Betts, 5.8958 seconds
  • SPR Track Record: Nostalgia Funny Car speed Tony Betts, 250.64 mph

These were not backed up for a MSUK record, nor was Tim Garlick's sub-record 5.9406/239.89, existing MSUK records stand.

One non-official record to note is that Rob Carter ran the quickest and fastest ever VW Pro time of 7.5295/185.10.

Congratulations to Quantum Leap Racing VW Sportsman racer Nigel Gregson with a 0.0003 R.T. who won the Bad Habit Racing Perfect Light Award of £50 supported by Cath and Tig Napier and to Tony Morris Carburetors Super Gas racer Tim Moore with a 9.9005 1/4 ET @ 144mph who won the Hayley Hadfield Perfect ET Award of £50 supported by Andy 'Fadster' Hadfield.

Congratulations also to Modurstang Pro ET racers Bob Molden and Dave Fulton who won the Bob's Photo Finish Award of £50 each posted by sponsor and longtime supporter Bob Roberts for the closest finish of a green light and non-break out race. Bob and Dave's finish line margin was 0.0201 or 46.71 inches.

Thanks to Race Control at Santa Pod Timing Crew for sending us detailed timing data, including test day results, which when received we will post to our timing data area which you can see by clicking on Data, then Timing Data at the top of any page. Official results can be seen at Santa Pod's Official Results Site.

You can check out our John Woolfe Racing-sponsored Festival of Power reports, results and galleries by clicking here or by clicking on the Events link at the top of any page. We should repeat our new policy that the watermarked photos from our galleries can be downloaded and may be used in social media posts but please do not crop or modify them, in particular, we need the watermark retained. Social media sharing may be done on mobile devices from the new site.

Please join us in thanking Graham Watkinson for his first solo event on the live reporting, Julian Hunt and Diana Macrae for their hard work in unfavourable conditions over the race weekend providing their amazing pictures.

Swift snippets.
29th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to four time ET Bike rider Phil Pratt, slingshot dragster racer, fire burnout king and editorial team member Dave Nelson, Top Fuel Bike racer Allan Davies and former Outlaw Anglia racer Paul 'Guv' Wright. We hope you all a great day!

Festival of Power - Urgent Update.
28th April 2024

Santa Pod Raceway has announced this important update:  Please note that due to the heavy rain that has fallen overnight here at Santa Pod Raceway and with more rain forecast, Santa Pod request that any day ticket holders do not start their journeys to visit today as it unlikely that any racing will take place and the car parks are now completely waterlogged. We know that many of you will be disappointed by this but your safety is paramount in this situation.

Santa Pod will be arranging a full credit to all Sunday day ticket holders and information for weekend ticket holders will be communicated within the next 48 hours.

Please find Santa Pod's Adverse Weather Ticket Policy below:

Festival of Power Coverage - Sunday
28th April 2024 brings you live coverage from the Festival of Power, supported by John Woolfe Racing.

To follow our coverage, go to our event index by clicking here or to follow the live reporting click here.

Festival of Power - Saturday pictures.
28th April 2024

Many thanks to Julian and Diana for covering day 2 at the Festival of Power, you can see all the pictures at this link, supported by John Woolfe Racing.

Slow start for day 2 due to rainy morning, great runs and thank you to Santa Pod Raceway for prepping the track to allow racing to commence until 8pm.

Have a great day 3 here are the Festival of Power.

Swift snippets.
28th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to former Funny Car racer Allan Bates, VW Sportsman racer Paul Robinson, Daimler rail crew member Andrew Carpenter and Supercharged Outlaws wife, team member and model Melanie Bond. We hope you all have a fantastic day.

Festival of Power Coverage - Saturday
27th April 2024 brings you live coverage from the Festival of Power, supported by John Woolfe Racing.

To follow our coverage, go to our event index by clicking here or to follow the live reporting click here.

Festival of Power - Friday pictures.
27th April 2024

Many thanks to Julian and Diana for covering day 1 at the Festival of Power, you can see all the pictures at this link, supported by John Woolfe Racing.

Well done to Tony Betts on breaking the Santa Pod Nostalgia Funny Car track record, recording a 5.8958/250.64 before an unscheduled excursion into the field. Tony is unhurt and we hope the car will return today.

Congratulations also to Dániel Donát Lencsés for running the first 230mph Super Street Bike run, an earlier 227.93mph run backing up his 230.14 for a new ACU record, to be ratified.

It was a great day's racing, see our live race report for more information!

Swift snippets.
27th April 2024

Happy Birthday to nitro crew member Robin Lantz, we hope you have a great day Robin!

Happy 46th Birthday to Storm Funny Bike crew chief Simon Campbell which are not running this weekend at Festival of Power, Simon will be crewing for Tony Clark this weekend so feel free to pop by Tony's pits and wish Simon Happy Birthday, have a great day Simon!

Festival of Power Coverage - Friday.
26th April 2024 brings you live coverage from the Festival of Power, supported by John Woolfe Racing.

To follow our coverage, go to our event index by clicking here or to follow the live reporting click here.

Festival of Power - Test Day pictures.
26th April 2024

Many thanks to Julian for covering the test day here at the Fesitval of Power, you can see all the pictures at this link supported by John Woolfe Racing.

Commiserations to Super Gas racer Stu Doignie who has had to cancel following a house fire yesterday, no-one hurt fortunately but "the house isn't in a good way", according to Stu.

The Black BMW of Tom Wrigley was running 8s in the test day, bests of 8.5437 and 163.09, a great advert for

Another impressive pair of runs from Andres Arnover's Mustang, 5.8878/248.23 and 5.8779/249.45. In the Super Street Bike ranks, Dániel Donát Lencsés ran 6.7487/225.6, coming back 30 minutes later to run 6.7861/224.47.

All in all, 198 passes were made by the 64 vehicles taking part.

Samuel Hiscock Starts Junior Dragster.
26th April 2024

Thanks to Pam and Wayne Hiscock for contacting to announce that their son Samuel has recently completed licensing runs and is looking forward to taking part in his first Junior Dragster race meeting at the Festival of Power Rescheduled this weekend.

Pam says: "We would like to thank Mark Rumble our outstanding crewman, Andy Fensome for the help and support on our learning journey, and Neil Warner at Skid Lidz Custom Paint Shop for the awesome flake paint.  

We're looking forward to him starting his racing in such an awesome class.


Swift snippets.
26th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to JKE Race Works proprietor and Super Street Bike racer Jake Mechaell, Comp Eliminator racer and recording artist Kev Perkins, long time fan of the site Stephen Billings, former VW Pro racer Danny Wharton and Swedish gasser racer Stefan Flodell. We hope you all have a great day.

Trakbytes update.
25th April 2024

Thanks to Trakbytes webmaster Chris Dossett with a further update of the excellent Trakbytes site which you can see by clicking here:

The Trakbytes website has been updated with 28 new or updated entries spanning 31 years of UK Drag racing history. The latest updates run from 1973 to 2004 and include the first UK drivers to compete in the USA. The archive entry for this event includes a link to an excellent article written many years ago for the site by Simon Groves.

British Drag racing Historians Clive Rooms and Jerry Cookson have supplied a lot of the new material for the 1980’s section. The latest entry covers the 2004 Easter Thunderball and Pro Fuel Shootout where two rookie Top Fuel drivers were making their licencing runs, one of whom was to become a future European champion, and one who is now running in the NHRA series.

Also the seventh and final volume of the Retford Scrapbooks has been uploaded. This contains more features and race reports from various publications from 1975 including the first UK rider into the eights, the debut of The Hobbit, and the return visit of Danny Johnson and his twin-engined Harley. (Photo of John Hobbs by Keith Lee).

Bishopscourt 8th June is on!
25th April 2024

Drag racing is returning to Bishopscourt Airfield in Northern Ireland. The owners, the new operators and promoters of drag racing at this venue have announced their first event is Saturday 8th June. Everyone is welcome at Bishopscourts summer drag racing day which takes place with 10 hours of track time on the drag strip, 9am to 7pm.

European Bug-In have put up two weekend tickets at the event for the quickest air cooled bug. The winner will get two weekend tickets for this years European Bug-In 10, the ultimate air cooled show taking place on the 28th-30th of June.

A Portatree timing system will be supplying accurate timing data from which the many trophies will be awarded. 
Two Front Wheel Drive trophies are up for grabs, one for unlimited and one for true street. There will also be trophies for the first car and bike into the 10s, the first car and bike into the 9s and the first car and bike into the 8s, also for the quickest aircooled Bug.

Also, there will be two motorcycle categories for a late Saturday afternoon eliminator. One will be a heads-up pro tree start eliminator first to the finish line (pairings done on chip draw). The second category will be a dial-in-your-time sportsman tree, staggered start eliminator (pairings chosen at random).

Rules and regulations for the summer event will be run under an IOPD permit. Bishopscourt Airfield is located at 77b Ardglass Road, Downpatrick, BT30 7PR

Online bookings now open for the drag strip runs on Saturday 8th June. Click on the link for the amount runs you would like to do
1 RUN £20 click here.
3 RUNS £50 click here.
6 RUNS £80 click here.
UNLIMITED RUNS £120 click here.

Admission £10 per person. Kids 8 years of age and under go free.

Crash helmet and full driving license are required, motorcycle riders must have full protective clothing.
Car passengers are allowed, only one permitted per car minimum age 18. Priccs are 1 run £20, Unlimited all day £40. A crash helmet required for all passengers.

Organisers said "Our sights are set on Bishopscourt being one of the homes for Irish Drag racing with multiple events throughout the year and years to come. Bishopscourt could be potentially one of the quickest and fastest tracks this side of the Atlantic. 

"We are looking for advertising partners to join us and grow Irish drag racing at Bishopscourt. Our goal is to promote your company and increase turnover for your support. We have a massive range options for every budget. Send us a pm for advertising options, it would  be great to have you on board." 

Swift snippets.
25th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to Mugridge Motorsport crew member Matthew Seamarks, Old School Stocker racer Andy Lambert, head honcho Maikel Gloudemans and Polish FWD racer Paweł Pietrzak. We hope you all have a great day.

Festival of Power - racer info.
24th April 2024

Thanks to Santa Pod Racers Club secretary Ian Marshall for sending in this information for this weekend's Festival of Power.  The main gates to the track will open at 0900hrs to 1730hrs on Wednesday 24th April (Today). Thursday 25th April from 8am and for the remainder on the weekend.

THURSDAY 25th April
08.00 - 18.00 - Signing on open.
13.30 - 18.00 - Scrutineering for cars (if this is your first event of the season)
14.00 - 18.00 - Scrutineering for Bikes

FRIDAY 26th April
07.00 - Signing on open.
08.00 - Scrutineering open for cars
07.30 - Scrutineering open for bike
09.30 - Track open for qualifying

SATURDAY 27th April
08.00 - Signing on open.
08.00 - Scrutineering open
09.30 - Track open for qualifying/eliminations

SUNDAY 28th April
08.00 - Signing on open.
09.00 - Scrutineering open
09.30 - Track open for qualifying/eliminations

Last call for 2024 DRU Challenges.
24th April 2024

Thanks to Drag Racing Union committee member Markus Münch who has reminded us that the registration deadline for the 2024 DRU Challengers is this coming Sunday.

You can register for the anniversary edition of the DRU Pro ET, Supro ET and XO Challenge until Sunday, April 28, 2024. All formalities, the announcement and regulations can be found by clicking here on

100 euros gives you the chance to win a championship that is now recognized throughout Europe, including fantastic trophies and prize money.

There are almost 20 participants registered in both Pro ET and Super Pro ET, and around 10 in XO. Be part of a competitive and absolutely lovely community.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our homepage, our FB page and, best of all, simply register.

Greetings, your Drag Race Union (DRU).

Craig Wright starts 2024 with a win.
24th April 2024

Thanks to Craig Wright for sending this update from the Easter Nationals. Craig writes:

As we look forward to Round 2 of the JKE Raceworks 8.50 Championship this weekend at Santa Pods Festival of Power. We head there still smiling after our fairytale opening Round at the Easter National a few weeks ago.

We headed there with more or less the same set upcas we finished last season with so we knew we could hit the ground running and not be too far away. We opened qualifying with a 8.70 pass at 158mph into quite a headwind which we weren't to upset with and after a few adjustments we were straight into the 8.5s and finished qualifying in 2nd place with an 8.53.

In Eliminations we had a few issues here and there but Battled on, taking out Jay Roe in a very very tight (.003sec) Semi Final to give us a final match up with Ian Chrichlow, our bike owner. This was the first time in 2 years that we've ever met in competition. Crich span the tyre at the hit and we managed to get away clean at take our first ever 8.50 Bike Event win. What a feeling. We'd worked really hard for that over the last 2 seasons, and knew we had the right ingredients for it but it just had to come together properly.

I'd personally like to thank my Crew. Andy Head for keeping us going, and kicking my arse when things were getting on top of us. My Crew Chief and very understanding better half Kat Rudd for putting up with me and everything that comes with running a machine in this game. It's not easy and it's not cheap and it take a lot of time up. Kats been a diamond back home with our lad Harrison while I've spent endless hours preparing the bike for this season. My Parents have supported us no end since we started this racing malarkey and continue to do so. So massive thank you to my Mum n Dad, Eileen and Graham.

We have that stunning new paint job on the bike this year and that is a massive thanks to Micky Dawson at HTG Body and Paint in Chester Le Street. We've worked any spare minutes we've had the last 3 months to get that bodywork to how you see it today and the finishing job he did is incredible. 

Thank you to Dave Rudd and his Banzai Cobra Team have helped me no end this winter with lending tools, time and basically been a second pair of hands on a few occasions. Thanks to Callum Pudge for designing this years bike and also Pete Walters for sorting and supplying the vinyl stickers.

Obviously a huge thanks to Ian Chrichlow who has given the chance to do this for several seasons now. That guy is a 1 in a million.

A huge thanks also to Jake Mechaell of JKE Raceworks. He's really helped, taught and progressed me to get to this point. I couldn't have done it with his knowledge and guidance. 

Then finally our 2024 Sponsors, without them this really wouldn't be possible.

  • Dan and Nick Williams of Williams Brothers Racing for their full backing and support with supplying us with VP Race Lubricants this year.
  • VP Racefuels for supplying our Race Fuel.
  • Flexiwaste
  • Team Valley Service and MOT 
  • N.B.S - Northants Blasting Services 
  • R.H.N - Gardens and Landscaping 
  • Gentle Podiatry 

And, without saying really. A huge thanks to Santa Pod Raceway and the SPRC crews for giving us the best teach possible to race on and keeping us safe Round after Round.

We'll see you all at the weekend at the Festival Of Power. Where we travel to as Points Leaders!! How cool does that sound. Now to hang on to it.

Swift snippets.
24th April 2024

Happy Birthday for longtime supporter and Pro ET crewman Colin Roaf, Super Pro ET racer John Przybyl and Comp Bike racer Shawn Buttigieg, we hope you all have a great day.

Festival of Power preview.
23rd April 2024

This weekend the rescheduled Festival of Power will take place Friday to Sunday at Santa Pod Raceway. For many fans, it will be the first race of the year that they will be able to stay over at the track. Here's a preview of the line-up of racing which you can see at our event index.

Funny Car has 2 cars match racing this weekend with Patrik Pers in the Speedghost Dodge Charger and 2023 3rd place Jason Phelps in his Gladiator Camry.

Motorsport UK Pro Modified has a strong field of 7 cars entering the event, 2023 winner Bobby Wallace in his Chevy Camaro will be running with Jean Dulamon, Chris Orthodoxou, sponsor Andy Robinson and Andres Arnover. Andres gained his new PB last weekend at Santa Pod with an outstanding run of 5.82/215mph.

In Nostalgia Funny Car we will see 5 cars this weekend with Tony Betts in Venom Chevy Camaro, Wendy Barker in her Timewarp Mustang, Paul Harris with his Monza, Andy Raw with the Nitro Bug and Tim Garlick with Apache Firebird.

Trackworx Comp Eliminator includes Rouven Dawson and Nic Williams both in Capo Camaro's, Gary Carr in the Nova and Spencer Tramm with his Camaro. With a 12-car field, we are looking forward to seeing these run. 

W.A. Watts Automotive Super Comp with an 8-car field, Andy Clifford with his Slingshot Snake Eyes, Steven Hudson has his 1927 Model T Altered and 2023 winner Leah Kellett in her HRC Dragster.

In Tony Morris Carburetors Super Gas sees Tim Moore in his 55’ Chevrolet Bel-Air, Victor Parson with the Plymouth Belvedere and Andy Dibley in Camaro SS; a 12-car field will bring some great races.

Peter Nee Super Pro ET has a strong field of 24 cars, 2023 winner Alan Didwell with the S&H Dragster, Tom Atkinson in the Ford Cortina Estate and Andrew Thetford with his 1969 Z28 Camaro.

In Modurstang Pro ET has the biggest field for the event with 40-cars, Leigh Morris winner from last year picking up 3600 points in his Jaguar E-Type, former Junior Dragster and Sportsman ET racer Matthew Dowdy in his Chevrolet Nova and Marc Huxley in his Toyota Corolla KE20.

In Hutchinson & Dibley Sportsman ET with a strong 29-car field returning Peter Walters into Sportsman ET with his new Z28 Camaro, remaining champion Gary Lake in the Pontiac Firebird, Kirstie Tramm in the 50 Shades of Green Camaro and Jane McCready in the Ford Escort "Ben's Van".

VP Lubricants Nostalgia Super Stock has an 8-car field. TMC Outlaw Anglia has 5-cars will bring sponsor Colin Millar in The Flyin Fyfer Ford Anglia and Ben Kennedy in his Ford Pop. Pro Race Engineering VW Pro with good field of 16-car. 

Quantum Leap Racing VW Sportsman has a 24 strong field, 2023 winner Paul Robinson with his Audi TT V6, Andy Cooper in the Skoda VRS and Lowri Anslow in the Seat Leon. 

In the ACU Drag Bike Championship, there are 4 Ashdown Bulk Haulage Top Fuel Bikes, including Steve Woollatt with his PBR bike and three class competition debuts from Jiri Lukes, Kev Charman and Phil Crossley. In Competition Bike, there is a 17-bike field with 2023 winner Mark Dainty with his Hayabusa. 

JKE Race Works 8.50 Bike ET Bike has 11-bikes, Craig Wright currently in number one spot after Easter Nationals with his Hayabusa bike. Taylor's Trophy Super Street Bike, Alan Morrison Junior winner of 2023 championship with his 1300cc Hayabusa and first time out this year for Steve VenablesAtlantic Fluid Tech 9.50 Bike, with 3-bikes including Dave Hall on his Suzuki GSXR 1100L bike. Warpspeed Racing ET Bike with a strong 21-bike field, Liam Holgate finished in 2nd place last year with his Suzuki GSXR 1000 bike.

In addition to this the Lucas Oil Junior Dragsters and Junior Drag Bikes will have large fields of racers and there will be a wealth of exhibition vehicles and family attractions at SPR. Exhibition vehicles include jets Fireforce 3 and Fireforce 5 (Martin Hill driving), Spiderman (Julian Webb driving), Firestorm (Roger Goring driving) and Oklahoma Willy Jet Bus (Perry Watkins driving). 

The Live Action Arena will have Podzilla Monster Truck, a Stunt Display by Terry Grant, Lee Bowers and drift display by Team Maximum Lock. There is a huge variety of entertainment for kids, and bands on Friday and Saturday nights.

You can see an overall timetable of events by going to this link on the SPR website and come back to for up to date results and race commentaries. The event is also live streamed, go to the links on our event index page.

PBs galore at SPR RWYBs.
23rd April 2024

Congratulations to all those who ran new PBs at Santa Pod Raceway over the weekend, including the GTI Spring Festival on Sunday.

Pro Modified racer Andres Arnover was testing his turbo Mustang in advance of the three SPR races he has entered over the next six weeks, the Festival of Power, Doorslammers and Main Event. After three test hits on Saturday, he returned on Sunday and showed that he is serious about the new season by making five further passes, including three full pulls. The first was 5.8838/249.61, followed by 6.0066/241.59 and then a new PB 5.8297/251.01 (0.9616 60 ft and 3.8679/198.03 to half track). Well done to Andres for great performances on a RWYB day. 

Supercharged Outlaws racers running new PBs at the weekend were Paul Dale in the Acute Angle 105E Anglia, and Keith Freeman in El Loco '32 Ford 5 window coupe. Keith broke into the eights in some style, running three passes of 8.9554/151.12, 8.9695/152.08 and 8.9975/152.08, showing the winter rebuild and imrprovements had extracted a few tenths in performance. Paul ran a 7.7502/171.08 (1.1619 60ft) to a new PB following winter improvements.

Other Supercharged Outlaws making runs at the GTI Festival were Jim Tucker in Hellfire Hemi (event best 8.9107/160.82) and Aaron Windridge in Grim Reaper (event best 7.9626/168.54).

Well done to Roger Goring, Firestorm jet FC pilot, on new PBs of 5.8386 and 264.20 on Saturday. Martin Hill piloted Fireforce 3 to a 5.7756/254.61 on Sunday.

On the bike side, on Saturday Kevin Melling rode his Kawasaki H2 Nostalgia Pro Stock bike to three runs in the 8.2s, including a new PB of 8.2483/155.22. Kevin wrote: "Alan Smith and I are ecstatic, re setting the piston port H2 world record! We use all stock (modified by Alan) H2 engine castings, retaining the original piston port induction system, normally aspirated on C14 gasoline, and carrying a lardy 100Kg/220lbs rider!. Massive thanks as always, to all of our friends involved behind the scenes, who continue to support us, and make our performance possible."

Kevin asked us to include a special thank you to Chris Schreier for 'grip spotting' him on the start line during the day.

Swift snippets.
23rd April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to former Santa Pod race director Karl Birkinshaw, also former VW Sportsman racers Martin Ayton and Andy Agroment. We hope you have a great day. 

Just a reminder to all racer's that FIA/FIM-E Main Event entry
 closes in 2 Days 11 Hours 14 Mins 58 Secs
Festival of Power - racer update.
22nd April 2024

Thanks to Chris Schreier from Santa Pod Raceway for sending this important announcement to Remind All Racers! with a bumper entry of 314 Race Competitors at the upcoming Festival of Power, space in the pits will be very tight.

We will endeavour to accommodate what we can, but MUST insist on one caravan per pit bay. There will be plenty of space for additional caravans in Racers Camping, beyond the Crop circles.

We hope you can all work with us and your fellow racers for this weekend.

Thank you all for supporting Santa Pod Raceway and Santa Pod Racers Club.

Leeks wins in Maryland.
22nd April 2024

Congratulations to Funny Bike racer Dale Leeks for winning the MAXXECU Pro Extreme class at the XDA Platinum Services Springnationals held at Maryland International Raceway over the weekend. 

Dale qualified no.4 with an early shut off 4.312/150.92 and went on to defeat Rob Garcia in the final round, running low ET of the event at 4.0173 at 178.76.

Dale commented “I’m on top of the world great final race from what had been a tough weekend. Thanks to Dan Wagner for helping me live the dream you worked real hard for that and I couldn’t do any of it without you.” Dale also thanked Andrew Leeks for crewing and Joe Procopio and his family for hospitality, and fiancee Kelly.

Swift snippets.
22nd April 2024

We have quite a list of birthdays for today. Happy Birthday to Ronnie Mercer driver of Annie, Ford Pop and races in Pro ET, he is 60 years young and to celebrate his 60th year he will be taking time out to race at many of the European tracks including Clastres, Mantorp, Gardemeon, Tierp and Hockenheim.  Happy Birthday t​​​o Dorset Horn racer Dick Sharp, former Funny Car racer Lesley Prior, former Fuel Altered racer Mick Moore, Super Gas racer Dan Page and US legend Joe Schubeck. We hope you all have a fantastic day.

Lee Child promoter of Spitfire Raceway mentions that Saturday's Drag and Drift event went great with good weather and a good turnout. Please check out Spitfire Raceway's Facebook page to keep updated on future events by clicking here and this link

Festival of Power perfect awards.
21st April 2024

£200 is up for grabs at next weekend's FIA/FIM-E Festival of Power courtesy of and our sponsors

This weekend's Bad Habit Racing Perfect Light Award has been reset to £50 after it was won by Steet Eliminator's Elliot Day at the Easter Nationals. The money will be paid to the first racer at the event to record a Reaction Time of 0.000 seconds. The Perfect Light Award is available in all classes during both qualifying and eliminations, but will only be awarded for the first Perfect Light of the event. The Perfect Light Award is presented in association with Cath and Tig Napier of Modurstang Pro ET team Bad Habit Racing.

Decals are not mandatory for the Perfect Light Award but we would appreciate it if decals are carried. decals are available in Signing On or from staff.

The Hayley Hadfield Perfect ET Award supported by Andy Hadfield  has been reset to £50 after it was won by Warpspeed Racing ET Bike's Phil Pratt  at the Easter Nationals. The money will be paid to the first racer at the event to run +0.000 on index or dial-in. The Hayley Hadfield Perfect ET Award is available in Peter Nee Super Pro ET, Modurstang Pro ET, Hutchinson & Dibley Sportsman ET, W.A. Watts Automotive Super Comp, Tony Morris Carburetors Super Gas, Pro Race Engineering VW Pro, Quantum Leap Racing VW Sportsman, Lucas Oil Junior Dragster, JKE Race Works 8.50 Bike, Atlantic Fluid Tech 9.50 Bike, Warpspeed Racing ET Bike and Junior Drag Bike. But will only be awarded for the first Perfect ET of the weekend. The Perfect ET Award is presented in association with Andy 'Fadster' Hadfield of the Twister Race Team in memory of his late wife Hayley.

Decals are not mandatory for the Perfect ET Award but we would appreciate it if decals are carried. decals are available in Signing On or from staff.

The Bob's Photo Finish Award, which is presented in association with sponsor Bob Roberts, will award £50 each to the racers involved in the closest finish of a green light and non-breakout race of eliminations at this weekend's event. At the Easter Nationals the Award was won by Junior Dragster racers Kai Cooper and Emmy Crundwell with a finish line margin was 0.0040 seconds or 4.45 inches.

The closest race will be decided upon distance rather than time since, for example, 0.001 seconds at 230 mph is further than 0.002seconds at 110 mph. For this reason the official timing data will need to be consulted so the winners will be announced here on as soon as possible after the event and the winners will then be contacted for their preferred method of payment. The award will be paid on green light drag races only, and not on bracket races where there is a breakout.

Bob's Photo Finish Award is open to all classes during eliminations only and although decals are not mandatory we would appreciate if it they are carried. decals are available in Signing On.

Gallery from Dakota Raceway.
21st April 2024

Many thanks to Kieran for sending us a gallery of photos from yesterday's action at Dakota Raceway which you can see at this link supported by John Woolfe Racing.

Swift snippets.
21st April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to British Drag Racing pioneer Keith Stacey, Sick Week and former Super Modified racer Paul Mander, former Pro Modified racer and security consultant Ray White, Sportsman ET racer Troy Attree and German photographer Mathias Schneider. We hope you all have a great day.

Swift snippets.
20th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to British Drag Racing pioneer Bruce Brown, who reaches his 81st birthday, Maltese Opel Dragster racer Tyson Debono and former Super Pro ET racer Nigel Turner, have a great day guys.

Spitfire Racway this weekend.
19th April 2024

Spitfire Raceway, Cornwall Drag and Drift takes place tomorrow, it is time to unleash the power at Perranporth this Saturday, 20th April. Trophies will be up for grabs for quickest top ten on the drag strip, best appearing drift car, best of show and best club stand. Trophies will be presented just after 3pm at race control.

All vehicles are welcome at Spitfire Raceway. You can spectate or take part at Spitfire Raceway, spectators are £10 per person on the gate, under 16s go free. You can drag race from £15 after admission; crash helmet and full driving licence are required. There is a Show & Shine competition with no charge after admission. 

Gates are open at 8am and track action is from 11am to 3pm. All vehicles have a safety check for drag racing and drifting.

There is a drag strip riders and drivers meeting at race control 10.45am.

Don’t forget to you can camp on site. Enjoy the events and the local area.

All 2024 drag and drift events online bookings are now open. No more waiting - book away. Click on the links to make bookings at Drag & Drift and Camping booking.

Spitfire Raceway is located at Perranporth Airfield, Cornwall TR5 0XS. Please respect the surrounding areas and speed limits when travelling to and from this event.

JT's Doorslammers Pop plan.
19th April 2024

Many thanks to sponsor John Tebenham for revealing his plan for racing his Crew Killer Pop at the Doorslammers:

Mars Bar (aka Paul Marston - SG) is driving my beloved Pop at the Doorslammers. If he runs faster than 8.87, I can assure you I will beat him up (figuratively speaking of course - SG). I am absolutely into this Doorslammers with lots of new racers.

I have a new best crew including Tony Underhill who normally crews for Kev Slyfield. And his own car, 99 Problems turned into 100. Tony will be a massive help. Sometimes you just need good people around you. Please come and support our team as we really think we have a shot at this. 

Swift snippets.
19th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to Pro Modified crew, sometime driver, and former sponsor Andrew Wright Jnr, Finnish Super Twin racer Matti Vahasaari, crew member for Huxley Motorsport Richard Bell, VW Sportsman racer Ian Dale and Outlaw Anglia racer Rob Turrington. We hope you all have a great day.

Dakota drag and drift this Saturday.
18th April 2024

This Saturday, Straightliners travels to the South West for the 2024 Drag and Drift competition at Dakota Raceway which takes place on 20th April. You can enter by going to this link on the website.

Get ready for a day of high-speed fun and excitement at an incredible event featuring the best of drag racing and drifting!

Take the wheel and feel the rush of adrenaline as you put your driving skills to the test on track with 7 hours of non-stop action. Whether you prefer the straight-line speed of a 1/4 mile drag strip or the sideways thrills of drifting, you’ll have plenty of track time to make the most of your ability.

If you’re not feeling like driving, you can still soak up the excitement as a passenger or spectator, cheering on your mates as they push themselves to the limit on the track. With a wide variety of high-performance vehicles and a fantastic atmosphere, experience the thrill of high-speed racing at Straightliners Drag and Drift.

The event will be run under a run what ya brung format with prizes will be awarded for the quickest Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive cars.

Drag entry costs £50 for each car, with £40 for a passenger. Racers are urged to read the rules on the website.

The event is from 09:30 - 16:00 and you can find Dakota Raceway at Upottery, Honiton EX14 9RF. will be covering pictures and videos by Kieran Jenkins (Mk1Kieran)which you will be able to see via our coverage page supported by John Woolfe Racing.

Yam Yam Racing Club Test Day - video by Mk1Kieran.
18th April 2024

Thanks to Kieran Jenkins for this YouTube video of Monday 15th April Yam Yam Racing Club test day at Santa Pod Raceway.

These popular Monday Private Test Days have proven to be popular over the last 5 years with plenty of track time on offer for those who come along.

Unfortunately for the first time with these days we battled with the weather, 40-50mph winds, rain and hail were thrown at us but the track crew managed to get the track open and we had a couple of hours of running before the rain came in again.

You may hear some audio disruption in this video but with the wind being so strong there wasn't much I can do unfortunately!

The next Yam Yam Racing Drag Club is after the Summer Nationals on the 1st of July. Join the Facebook group for more info by clicking here.

Swift snippets.
18th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to 1964 British International Drag Festival star and drag racing legend Tommy Ivo, German Pro Modified racer Norbert Kuno, Finnish Super Street Bike racer Vesa Ruhanen, Super Twin Top Gas racer Jack Shook, Sports Compact Honda racer Luke White and former Hulk Shogun racer Gary Springford. We hope you all have a great day.

Thanks to Ian King from King Racing for announcing the ACU Championship points have now been updated on his webiste, you can view them by clicking here. Ian would like to thank Simon Groves for his help in assembling the data.

Thanks to Ashley Booth-Dale for contacting with these links on his photos from last weekends Straightliner round two at Melbourne Raceway. You can view these at the following links:

Facebook: Click here and Flickr: Click Here

FIA/FIM-E Main Event - Closing date.
17th April 2024


Santa Pod Racers Club secretary Ian Marshall has reminded us that the closing date for FIA/FIM-E Main Event is Friday 26th April.

The current entry list for the event is at this link. You can enter by clicking here. Late entry may cost extra, so competitors are urged to sign up today.

FIA/FIM-E Main Event entry
 closes in 2 Days 11 Hours 14 Mins 58 Secs
GTI Spring Fest preview.
17th April 2024

The GTi Spring Festival takes place at Santa Pod Raceway this Sunday 21st April. Over the years, from the very first GTI Festival events in the late 1980s, the shows have attracted hordes of Volkswagen enthusiasts to several different venues around the UK. The GTI Festival and 'Inters' were, for a decade or more, just about the only specialist watercooled VW events of the year. Now, we have a busy show calendar.

The GTI Spring Festival is now established as the real 'season opener', and THE one day show for enthusiasts of all VAG marques, SEAT, Skoda, Audi and of course Volkswagen. And now the Volkswagen Group includes Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti too! The GTI Spring Festival, is a show where all VAG vehicles are welcome with open arms.

The main track action will be Run What Ya Brung for VAG Vehicles Only. To take part you can still sign up online at and buy a £45 RWYB voucher in addition to an admission ticket.

Awards on the track include quickest VW, Audi, SEAT and Skoda, as well as a number of awards based on engine sizes. At Santa Pod, you are driving on a superb purpose built surface, and using world record standard calibrated timing. The Santa Pod marshalls and safety teams are the most practiced and efficient staff in Europe. Basically, you are getting the absolute best available when you sprint at the GTI Spring Festival!

The Show & Shine has a massive number of awards - we counted 14. For a list of these, see event page on Santa Pod's website.

Admission, only available online, is £23 for adults and £6 for kids aged 5-15, at

Straightliners Round 2 report and winners
17th April 2024

Thanks for Martyn Greathead from Straightliners for this update on last weeks event at Melbourne Raceway for Round Two of the season. You can see his galleries of on-track and off-track pictures from day 2 of the event, plus results by going to our event coverage page at this link supported by John Woolfe Racing.


With a good couple of first runs for Peter Slater in the low sixes it was on the cards that he would be next to join the 5 second club on his newly painted Turbo Hayabusa. Peter’s first 5 was a 5.74secs, just shy of Kevin Melling’s 5.70sec two wheel record but then came the run that put that record to bed with a brilliant 5.63sec run Peter finishing the weekend with a whole string of 5sec runs.

Peter made it through to the final of NO MERCY SHOOTOUT courtesy of a breakout from Gilbert Cook to line up against Ashley Hodgson who came through on a bye. Both read the lights to perfection but Ashley just crossed the line first on his BMW 1000R for the first of his two victories.

In the 6 SECOND class it was  an on form Maxine Taylor in top spot with a perfect 6.00sec run. In the semi finals Ian Wicks beat Chris Hodgson to make the final with Ashley Hodgson beating Maxine by virtue of a quicker start. Come the final and both Ian and Ashley cut perfect greens but Ian veered over the centre line so was instantly eliminated, it being very close at the finish line so Ashley made it a pair of wins.

SCOOTER NO MERCY SHOOTOUT saw Eric Cope beat Stuart McVicker in the first semi and Paul Gurney beating Amy Wolstenholme to make the final. It was tight heading towards the finish line with Eric just pushing too hard and breaking out leaving Paul Gurney to take his second win of the season.

JUNIORS first of the semi’s saw the best buddies Alfie Barraclough and Jack Taylor line up with a nailbiting close run seeing Jack edge the win to line up against Jorja Cleall who’d come through on a bye. Both were as keen as ever to take the win but sadly Jorja went under her dial in and broke out with Jack taking the win just 3/100ths inside his dial in.

In JUNIOR SPRINT CAR Toby Jackson beat Jack Taylor who was left snoozing on the green losing even though he ran a perfect time, Toby had crossed the stripe first.

Young Bradley Brook on his first weekend of racing was against Jude Elliott but he red lit giving Bradley to run against Toby in the final. Bradley made a great start but Toby was a little too keen pulling a red light handing Bradley his first win.

NSCC first semi saw Saturdays winner, Ian Walley, against the only man likely to beat him, Phil Winstanley, but Phil’s had a definite popping in the exhaust on the line the engine not sounding it’s best as Ian trounced him to make the final. Mark Savage joined him beating Craig Brown so it was that Ian once again won.

Mark Flavell in the newly bodied Mustang alcohol funny car ran a couple of 5sec runs his best 5.09sec just shy of his best ever 5.06sec but he did his best ever speed of 160mph, a great effort considering this was the first meeting of the year and the track is still a bit on the slick side.

Visit Straightliners web page by clicking here and you can see Eurodragster's pictures from former editor Andy (Tog) Rogers by following this link.

Malmgren Pro Stock Racing supported by VP Fuels.
17th April 2024

Thanks to Michael Malmgren for contacting Eurodragster to annouce that Malmgren Pro Stock Racing are proud to be supported by VP Fuels with not only the fuel this year, but also running their new Pro Stock Oil, that been used successfully in US by KB/Titan racing among others.

Michael writes: My engine builder Paul Hoskins has tested it on the dyno with one of our engines and results are very good.

VP Fuels has been with us for many years and we are happy that the support will be continued for many years ahead.


We are looking strong this year and will for sure try our best to keep the title with our Race winning brands.   

Visit Malmgren Pro Stock Racing's facebook by clicking here to see more on the car and the teams season in Pro Stock.

Swift snippets.
17th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to Nostalgia Super Stock racer Ash Rawson, World's quickest Lotus Elise racer Lee Connor and Super Street Bike racer Pete Field. We hope you all have a wonderful day.

Thanks to Nick Pettit for announcing his latest addition to his gallery of Antony Billinton's photos, this time from 1974 - 1976 mainly from Santa Pod. Click here to view

Thanks to Paul Evans from Mad Welshman Photography for sending in a gallery of pictures from the Yam Yam Racing test day, you can view the gallery by following this link.

Further to our announcement yesterday about the wake/party for the late Andy "Spud" Cunningham which you can see by clicking here, Spud's son Sam has put out a call for as many race cars as possible to attend the event at the Gupshill manor Tewkesbury on 4th May at 12pm till 4pm.

Our intrepid pit photographer at the SPR Easter Nationals Katie Higgs has started her own Facebook page, KTHPhotography. It was her pit photography debut for Eurodragster and she did a great job. You can see her page by clicking here. Please give her page a like and follow her.

Andy "Spud" Cunningham's wake/party.
16th April 2024

Andy "Spud" Cunningham's family have posted their thanks for all the messages and comments they received the last few days regarding Andy's passing. "We are still trying to adjust to everything but we thank you for the kind words shared about him.

"We have arranged a wake/party in his honour as he did not want a funeral. Anyone is welcome to attend. It will be held at the Gupshill manor Tewkesbury on the 4th of May at 12pm till 4pm. There will be buffet food at the venue and a bar for people to purchase there own drinks. we do ask for NO BLACK AND NO TIES, just smart casual or what you feel comfortable in as this is a celebration of his life and he would want everyone to be themselves. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to message Chelsea Ashton on Facebook. Could any one wanting to attend please let us know so we have a idea on numbers.

"Again we thank you all for your support at this time and we hope to see you on May 4th."

Fast Show Sports Compact Shootout.
16th April 2024

Congratulations to Chris Todd who won the Sports Compact Shootout with its winner’s cash prize of £750 at the Fast Show on Sunday.

Chris’s RWD eight second Fiesta Mk1 qualified #1 and clearly had the legs on the other FWD competitors although runner up Dean Hyndman made great efforts to catch Chris performance wise, running a new PB in qualifying, and winning £250 for becoming runner up.

Qualifying was as follows:

  1. Chris Todd (Fiesta Mk1 2000cc) 8.9342/158.48
  2. Dean Hyndman (Fiesta Mk3 2000cc) 9.3606/151.66
  3. Scott Linacre (Vauxhall Chevette 1809cc) 10.1718/131.31
  4. Karl Monks (Honda Civic 2000cc) 10.2247/145.23
  5. Grant Moore (Vauxhall Corsa 2000cc) 10.3987/136.04
  6. Ahmed Jamshaid (Honda Civic 2400cc) 10.5187/141.15
  7. Ameer-Akram Ashad (Honda Civic 2400cc) 11.6400/123.07
  8. Billy Bamber (Nissan Micra 1800cc) 13.369/87.03

Eliminations went:

Round 1:
Chris Todd 9.4377/147.12 def. Billy Bamber 12.2192/108.2
Scott Linacre 10.2124/132.05 def. Ahmed Jamshaid 17.1859/45.11

Dean Hyndman 9.3969/156.33 def. Ameer-Akram Ashad 11.6209/126.19
Grant Moore 10.3348/136.17 def. Karl Monks 10.6396/127.99

Round 2:
Dean Hyndman 9.3778/157.44 def. Scott Linacre 16.5441/48.2
Chris Todd 9.7384/141.63 def. Grant Moore 10.3458/136.57

Chris Todd 9.4681/156.89 def. Dean Hyndman 11.9933/88.2

Well done to Billy Bamber on running new PBs in his Nissan Micra. You can see footage of qualifying sessions and commentary from SPR announcer Luke Stevenson on YouTube by clicking here. Thanks to Luke for posting race results. Kieran has posted a YouTube video of the competition which you can see by clicking here or on the embedded video.

The next Sports Compact Shootout is at The Vauxhall Show on Sunday 2nd June 2024, which you can enter for £110 and have the chance to win £750. For full rules go to the Santa Pod website at this link.

Agrinio Raceway 2nd round entry open.
16th April 2024

After the success of the 1st event, the 2nd race for the Agrinio Raceway 2024 Auto-Moto Cup, with the valuable help of the municipality of Agrinio and the region of western Greece will take place on April 26th- 28th at Agrinio Raceway, ASI under the auspices of OMAE and AMOTOE.

Many entries are expected from Greece and also from abroad, returning drivers as well as vehicles, new entries.

For cars, you must register through the OMAE system but also on our site where the form must be filled in by clicking here.

All participants must have a valid OMAE sports card as well as a health card which they indicate at the administrative control.

Racers who want to participate, self-declare participation in  E-OMAE   by clicking here, going to "competitions - declaration of participation" and paying the one-time insurance fee for the Federation for the whole three days. In order to complete his participation, each driver must enter his License Number and the details of the car (in each entry of details, press the magnifying glass symbol after filling in the requested details, in case the car does not have a Technical Identification Card, first click on the magnifying glass symbol to enter the car details). Participation declarations are due no later than 19th April.

Each entry is entitled to admission for the driver and two mechanics. Entries that will not be present in the OMAE electronic system will not be accepted. The participation fee for cars is €150 for the first participation and €100 for the second and for the 3 days (this amount includes the driver's insurance).

For motorcycles, you must register through the AMOTOE system but also on our site where the form must be filled in by clicking here. All participants must have a valid AMOTOE sports card as well as a health card which they indicate at the administrative control. All racers who want to declare to speak with the associations they belong to and ASA athletes should contact the email  [email protected].

Each entry is entitled to admission for the driver and two mechanics. The participation fee for motorcycles is €185 for the first participation in any category for all 3 days, €120 for a possible participation in a 2nd category of the same driver with the same or a different motorcycle and € 80 for an entry in the Free Pass category. Participation declarations are due no later than 24th April 2024.

Saturday Night Special and Fast Show galleries.
16th April 2024

Thanks to Kieran Jenkins for sending a gallery of photos from the Saturday Night Special and the Fast Show from Santa Pod Raceway supported by John Woolfe Racing.

Saturday Night gallery please follow this link.

Fast Show gallery please follow this link.

Kieran's photos are watermarked and we encourage them to be downloaded and shared unmodified on social media.

Feature picture: Paul Marston's "Grumpy" driven by Max Marston.

Unfortunately YAM YAM Racing test day on Monday was reduced to a couple of hours racing due to rain. Kieran was unable to obtain any pictures. We thank him for his attendance.

Tony Schumacher Looks Ahead to Charlotte for First Four-Wide Win.
16th April 2024

Thanks to Allison B. McCormick from ABM Communications with this update on Ida Zetterstrom's team JCM Racing's NHRA Four-Wide Nationals. JCM Racing is the team Ida will be racing with later in 2024.

LAS VEGAS (April 14, 2024) – With eight world championships and 86 national event wins, Tony Schumacher is the most sccessful driver in NHRA Top Fuel history, but despite checking nearly every box on the drag racing list of accomplishments, he has yet to hoist a four-wide Wally trophy. He’s come close, finishing as the runner-up in 2012 and 2017 in Charlotte, N.C. as well as recording a runner-up finish at the 2018 Las Vegas NHRA Four-Wide Nationals. Aboard the Okuma Top Fuel dragster, Schumacher was hoping this weekend’s visit to The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway would be the event where his four-wide luck would change, but a first-round loss halted his shot at picking up a first four-wide win.

Starting from the No. 2 seed for the second time in three events, Schumacher drew No. 7 qualifier Shawn Reed, No. 10 qualifier Justin Ashley, and No. 15 qualifier Terry Totten as his first-round competitors. Schumacher was second off of the starting line and on a good run before his machine started to spin the tires near the top end, slowing to a 4.109 E.T. while Ashley and Totten posted a 3.777 and 3.911, respectively, to advance into the next round.

“We know how to run really fast now. We’re consistently qualifying in the top half of the field. We’re doing good, but we need to be able to go down the track more often. We need a bigger window. So, we’re going to start working on that window,” said Schumacher, who earned two bonus points during qualifying when he clocked the second-quickest run of the third session to place him second on the elimination ladder.
“We were on a good run there (in E1). It started spinning the tires near the top end. It’s doing it in a familiar spot over and over again. Seems like every change we make, it’s still hitting that spot. We’re staying to test tomorrow, and we’re going to make a change to try and fix that spot. We need a window in that area that will allow us to not have to slow the car down, still run fast, but be able to get through that danger zone.”
Schumacher will have another shot at a four-wide trophy when the NHRA Mission Foods Drag Racing Series returns to zMAX Dragway for the second of two four-wide style events. Schumacher will be back behind the wheel of the Okuma dragster at the Concord, N.C. race as part of a three-event primary partnership with Okuma America Corporation, which is headquartered nearby in Charlotte. He will begin the race weekend ranked seventh in the Top Fuel standings.
Qualified: No. 6 (3.768 E.T. at 325.53 MPH)
Elimination Round Results:
E1: 4.109 E.T. at 260.06 MPH defeated by Justin Ashley 3.777 E.T. at 329.18 MPH, Terry Totten 3.911 E.T. at 284.39 MPH
NHRA Mission Foods Drag Racing Series Top Fuel Point Standings (Unofficial):

1 Justin Ashley   351
2 Shawn Langdon   328
3 Steve Torrence   300
4 Doug Kalitta   290
5 Billy Torrence   249
6 Tony Stewart   206
7 Tony Schumacher   204
8 Antron Brown   203
8 Brittany Force   203
10 Josh Hart   168
Andy "Spud" Cunningham.
15th April 2024

We are sad to report the death after a fight with cancer of longtime Street Eliminator crewman Andy ‘Spud’ Cunningham aged only 56.

Andy first came to the class in the early 1990s when he joined the Fat Boys team of Ian Hook and supplying a motor to the team in 1995, the team winning the championship in that year. He continued with the team until Ian hung up his helmet in 2012. The Fat Boys team won many races and two more championships (2006 and 2010) during his time with them.

In 2013, Spud joined Mark Todd’s team crewing on the GTO, in 2014 teamed up with Steve Pateman when Mark had most of the year off. Then with Mark back stronger than ever in 2015 Spud helped him win his first championship. After a couple of years off, he returned when Mark ran his Six Appeal Aston Martin and stayed with the team. He then became a member of Andy Bond’s Ugly Sister team, returning to the track as much as he could.

Sadly, he contracted cancer but fought it bravely. As family friend Karen Quo wrote “Even through the smiles and laughter, he fought silent pain and trauma. It's a cliché to say how much of a brave and strong man he was but that's exactly what he was. Going in for treatment or check ups, he would take his nurses an array of cakes and home made bakes, his way of thanking them and doing something for them.”

It’s fair to say that Spud had the drag racing bug more than most and an infectious sense of fun, wicked sense of humour and enjoyment of food and cooking, that would make him many friends from Street Eliminator and further afield. That showed at his final race at Easter, when the Fat Boys team returned to hail him and he had a passenger ride with Marc Huxley who had been a fellow crew member on Mark’s team. sends its deepest condolences to his family and friends, particularly wife Julie, his boys, Sam and Finn, his Sister Jo and step daughters, Chelsea and Elle, and to his many team-mates and friends in and around the pits.

Straightliners Round 2 - day 2.
15th April 2024

Former editor Tog is situated at Melbourne Raceway for this weekend's Straightliners Round 2. You can see his galleries of on-track and off-track pictures from day 2 of the event, plus results by going to our event coverage page at this link supported by John Woolfe Racing.

For a list of Sunday's best times (pdf format) go to this link.

Pictured: Bob Molden and his Peugot 205 410ci.

We will announce the winners of each class once the results have been confirmed to

Swift snippets.
15th April 2024

Happy birthday to Wild Bunch/Super Comp slingshot driver Terry Clifford, Wild Bunch racer and blogger Russ Heaven, Nostalgia Super Stock racer Glynn Boardman, and former Wheelgame Racing crew chief Adrian Spencer. We hope you all have a great day.

Straightliners Round 2 - day 1.
14th April 2024

Former editor Tog is situated at Melbourne Raceway for this weekend's Straightliners Round 2. You can see his galleries of on-track and off-track pictures from day 1 of the event, plus results by going to our event coverage page at this link supported by John Woolfe Racing.


No Mercy Shootout solid 17 bike turnout, Peter Slater with his Hayabusa 1407cc in the number one spot with 5.63/138mph with more qualifying today. The National Street Car Club also had 10 cars in attendance and carried out their round 1 of racing. For a list of Saturday's best times (pdf format) go to this link.

Pictured: Andy Higham's Deofol 500cc.

Swift snippets.
14th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to Super Street Bike tuning guru Brad O'Connor, Wild Bunch racer Dan Sharp and Nostalgia Super Stock racer, also to sponsor and committee member Chris Goodale. We hope you all have a great day.

Sylvia Hauser.
13th April 2024

It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of 1970s and 1980s doorslammer champion Sylvia Hauser in her sleep on Easter Sunday, 31st March.

Born Sylvia Read, she started driving at the age of 6, sitting on her dad's knee. By the time she was 10, she was zooming around fields on a little Bantam 125cc motorcycle and at 13, she used to sneak her mum’s little MG Midget out when she was out, and drive up and down the M4, leading to complaints by her mum that the car must have a petrol leak as she could not understand where the gas was going…

Passing her motorcycle test first time when she was 16, and car test first time a year later, after rolling her first car, she tried her hand at banger racing.

The need for speed made Sylvia go into American muscle, buying a '66 289 cubic inch Mustang which she raced unofficially at a disused airfield off Yeading Lane in Hayes. She first attended Santa Pod Raceway as a spectator and was inspired by Paula Murphy driving her Funny Car to start drag racing.

Her first drive was in the Pro-Stocker "Swartz Brothers" Chevy Nova, which had just been imported from the US. Excited by the drive, she moved to Mopar with a Dodge Charger 440 named the “Mopar Miss"ile. She then bought a Production class Dodge Challenger and, with the mechanical expertise of then husband Geof, whom she married in March 1978, she became a champion. In that year, they took the NDRC Production Championship, was runner up in the overall NDRC championship and won the Ladies Sperex Award for the first of five times.

1979 was the first year when Sylvia made a clean sweep of championship awards. She won the overall RAC Championship (repeated in 1981 and 1983), RAC Division III Championship (repeated in 1980-84), the NDRC Overall Points Championship and Production Championship, and the BDRA Production Championship, the first driver to take five championships in one year. Geof picked up the Dennis Priddle Mechanics Trophy.

In 1980 they imported the Paul Rossi NHRA record holding Dodge Challenger Super Stock and debuted it at Santa Pod’s August Supernationals with Sylvia once again behind the wheel. It was an instant crowd favourite with its wheels up launches and took the Top Modified win first time out, going on to take many more wins in Top Modified and Super Gas while Geof took over the driving of the Production Challenger.

More championships followed with Sylvia taking the John Woolfe Racing Top Modified Championship from 1981-1983. She switched to Super Gas in its debut year of 1984, becoming runner up in that year,

Sylvia’s new car for the 1985 season was a state-of-the-art Ford Sierra Super Gasser constructed by Geof. Sylvia won the Super Gas Championship that year and Geof picked up the Best Prepared Car trophy.

The Sierra was badly damaged in a top end crash at the 1986 Summernationals. Sylvia emerged from the wreckage unscathed – a tribute to the car’s construction and she still had enough points to take the Super Gas Championship once again, her last championship before starting her family with sons Jay-David and Scott, splitting with Geof a decade later.

In the 13 years Sylvia raced, she took the overall RAC MSA title three times, and successfully drag raced also at Le Mans, Zandvoort and Mantorp Park.

Sylvia was known for her fearless driving skills and competitiveness, together with promotional skills that led to much media coverage in her racing years. After she retired from racing, she bred pets and followed the progress of Jay-David and Scott both on and off-track.

Our deepest condolences to Sylvia’s family, in particular sons Jay-David and Scott who became prominent racers, to her racing friends.

Agrinio results from Greek Championship Rd1.
13th April 2024

Thanks to Nikos Diakakis for letting us know the results of round 1 of the Greece Dragster Championship:

Nikos writes: “On April 5 – 6 and 7, Agrinio Raceway opened its gates to welcome the 1st round of the Pan-Hellenic Dragster auto-moto championship, which also counted for the Agrinio Raceway 2024 cup.

“Despite the large gap in time that the Agrinio track had from its last race in 2023, the track was prepared once again very well and many personal and pan-Hellenic records were set and with 2 times falling below 7sec.

“The entries exceeded 120 in cars and motorbikes while the Sunday matches were very strong and most importantly with a lot of spectators (over 1500 spectators) who sat until the end!!

“After the end of the event, awards took place with a lot of people applauding the winners, while the next appointment for the 2nd match of the cup was renewed for April 26-27 and 28.”

Congratulations to the winners:

Car classes:

Motorcycle classes:

Index 09: Charalampos Giannakopoulos (Toyota Corolla, pictured)

Pro Street 2: Yiannis Martzaklis (Suzuki Hayabusa turbo, pictured)

Index 11: Sotirios Tasopoulos (Subaru Impreza STI)

Super Street: Savvas Tilsisoglu (Suzuki)

Index 12: Ioannis Stamatis (Nissan Micra)

Pro Street 1: Konstantinos Kourtelis (Ktm super duke 990)

BT1: Charalambos Katsanos (VW Golf)

Street 2: Alexandros Soultoukis (Hayabusa 1340)

BT2: Charalampos Giannakopoulos (Toyota Corolla)

Real Street: Yiannis Lampropoulos (Suzuki GSXR1000)

AT 2: Christos Dagres (Audi S3)

Pro Z: Achilleas Stergiou (Crypton x)


True Street 9: Panagiotis Charchalakis (Suzuki Hayabusa)

Complete results can be seen by clicking here.

Swift snippets.
13th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to former Top Methanol Funny Car champion Leif Andreasson, former Pro Stock Bike racer Gabriella Nikolovska, sometime nitro tuner Herb Andrews, Outlaw Anglia crew and gearbox guru Dave Eady, Outlaw Anglia racer Stephen Brindle and Top Fuel crew member Luke Shakeshaft. We hope you all have a fantastic day.

SPR Festival of Power Test Day Announced.
12th April 2024

Thanks to Max Frost from Santa Pod Raceway for sending this Festival of Power Test Day update.

By popular demand, Santa Pod Raceway is pleased to announce that we shall now be hosting a new Test Day on Thursday 25th April, before the Festival of Power on Friday 26th - Sunday 28th.

With a rather large entry of 320 teams for this event and a limited number of Test Day Vouchers available, we're expecting this to sell out quite quickly. Therefore, if you are interested in signing up, call the Box Office on 01234 782 828.

Vouchers will be released on Monday 15th April at 9am.

Racers must be entered into the Festival of Power event to be eligible for the test day.

Tony Higgs’ Easter Street Eliminator win.
12th April 2024

Tony Higgs, Street Eliminator victor at Easter, defeated defending champion Andy Bond in the final round, had a great race with multiple personal bests, few apparent mechanical problems and important race craft in the final. Tony wrote:

Test day Friday, was pretty much a washout. Had gotten to the start line, just about to do the burnout and then arrives the rain.

Saturday morning, first qualifying round  with the new tune (courtesy of John Sleath Racecars), completely blew the tires off on the start line. She hooked in third gear and felt really powerful crossing the line @ 166mph with an 11.40.

Second pass of the day became a huge turning point for Triggers Broom, with a massive PB of 192mph! Third qualifying run came as another PB of 7.48 @ 193mph. That concluded qualifying at No2. After following Elliot Day, we accidentally took the long way round on the cruise just about making it in time.

Sunday Eliminations started with a run against Graham Smith  in the 57, the run was peddled a little but still went through with a huge 7.57 @ 197mph! Through to the next round. Next round we had close friend, Elliot Day  in the Willys, we had tire slip down the track and only just made the winning light. A great PB for Elliot with a celebratory piggy back from Dave and Jen. It's always a good race no matter the outcome. This then put us through to a bye into the finals, where I met Andy Bond.

Brilliant run, left both teams on the edge of their seats but The Broom just pulled in front and took the win!! Well done to everyone for a great weekend racing and for all the PBs in the class.

Thank you to: John Sleath Race Cars, Hilsea TYRES, Trevor Hirst, Edge Performance Transmissions, Straub Technologies, KTH Photography and anyone else who anyone else who has helped.

Lightning Leeks to test the waters in Top Fuel.
12th April 2024

Thanks to Dale Leeks for sending an update on his busy season ahead.

Next week Lightning Leeks flies to Maryland USA to continue his Pro Extreme Bike Racing career in the XDA Race Series. Dale finished third in the season last year racing against the best in the world and taking second place in the World Finals at SGMP, Valdosta in November.

Dale has recently graduated the Frank Hawleys Drag Racing School and in doing so breaking the school’s track record in their alcohol funny car, gaining him his NHRA Funny Car Licence.

Dale says “after many years of hounding Mark and Jackie Hawkins to let me get behind the wheel of there Nitro Funny Car, I went off to Frank Hawley's Drag Race School to licence in an Alcohol Funny Car and finally broke them down enough that I will attempt to licence in their car in June.

"The car has been modified by Jason Phelps to actually fit me in and he has done an amazing fabrication of the cockpit.

"I can’t wait to hit the loud pedal in that car and I can’t thank Mark and Jackie and the whole Hawk Racing Team enough for this opportunity."

For more information visit Frank Hawleys Drag Racing School

Spy picture XII - solved.
12th April 2024

Thanks to John Tebenham for sending in the Spy Picture which was posted yesterday 11th April.

The explanation for the Mars Bar depicted is that Paul Marston (geddit?) is going to be driving the Crew Killer Pop at the Doorslammers event on 17th-19th May.

If you would like to send your own spy picture, then drop us a line at [email protected]

Swift snippets.
12th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to crew member for Ashley and AC Bell Tony Deluca, UK Blowers chief Nigel Jenkins, Speedshop Malta proprietor Simon Blackburn, and Junior Dragster cheerleader Yasmine Bengtson. We hope you all have a fantastic day.

Vote for Stock Super Stock racers Carla Pittau and Rick McCann to win the Sweden's Biggest Motor Freak award by clicking here and clicking on the “rösta” button. Voting closes April 21.

Mark Bishop has announced that he and dad Kim have have joined Supercharged Outlaws and just booked to run at the NSRA Nostalgia Nationals and then hopefully the Hot Rod Drags. Mark's Grey Vegas has been comprehensively reworked and now includes the engine from his slingshot dragster, so will be a great sight and sound on track! visits John Woolfe Racing.
11th April 2024 continues to be supported for Event Coverage and on the front and news pages by John Woolfe Racing. Sunday 17th March Simon Groves and the new editorial team Chris WinnGraham Watkinson and Dave Nelson visited the Bedford offices and warehouse of the long-established American Car parts company where shown around the mass archive collection, how the organisation and its operations run and  have developed over the years.

Founder and managing director Dave Riswick whose history with the company now extends to over 56 years, is still active in his contacts with the many suppliers that JWR deals with.

JWR stock a wide range of performance products from Edelbrock, VHT Paint, RPC, Fram, Hedman, Holley, Mr Gasket, Fel-Pro, Dayco, and an extensive range of American Car books, plus many service items.

Their integrated stock system lets customers see how many of a particular item is in stock, and if an item is out of stock customers can be informed automatically via e-mail by completing an online form which will let them know when it is back in stock. The online shop enables JWR to be competitive on price with direct suppliers from the US.

Customer service at JWR is firmly into the digital age. JWR has always been in the forefront of advice on American car parts due to its access to electronic parts catalogues direct from manufacturers.

Availability: Items can be collected same day from their Bedford operation or shipped overnight for next day delivery to most parts of the UK. You can speak directly to one of the staff to confirm, how to and where to place orders, gain product information. Also process European or Overseas orders as well. They take calls from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays UK time.

JWR has valued customer loyalty and discounts are available for those with larger spends, which can be made via Google Pay and Apple Pay as well as by traditional credit or debit cards.

A big Thank You to JWR for their continued support of You can contact JWR by going to

Spy picture XII.
11th April 2024

Eurodragster has been provided with this spy picture devoid of comments.

If you know more, or if you would like to send your own spy picture, then drop us a line at [email protected]

Swift snippets.
11th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to Old School Classic Altered constructor and painter extraordinaire Bryan Whitfield, Super Gas and Super Pro ET racer Collin Morrice, and former Shakespeare County Raceway tech guru Simon Day . We hope you all have a great day.

NSRA Nostalgia Nationals - Top Fuel Dragster Testing.
10th April 2024

Thanks to Santa Pod Raceway's Events Coordinator Max Frost for announcing this latest news that the Nostalgia Nationals is in for a treat over the Bank Holiday weekend as not one, but TWO Top Fuel Dragsters will be making an appearance over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Due to being unable to attend the rescheduled Festival of Power event, Rune Fjeld Motorsport hasn’t yet had the opportunity to run ahead of Round 1 of the FIA Championships at the Main Event in May. Therefore, fuel pilots Susanne Callin in the Slick Tricks Dragster, and Duncan Micallef in the DM Motorsport Dragster are confirmed to be running at the Nostalgia Nationals.

Both drivers will be putting in test passes on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May.

If you missed the opportunity to see Fuel Funny Car and Nostalgia Funny Car at Festival of Power, get your first Nitro fix of the year at Nostalgia Nationals – combined with the ever popular Nostalgia racing classes. Tickets are available now! Click here for more information and to book tickets!

Super Street Bike at Easter.
10th April 2024

At the Easter Nationals, Taylor’s Trophy Super Street Bike was a fascinating contest between champions, new racers and multi bike teams in conditions which were difficult with low temperatures leading to varying degrees of grip during the event.

Winner Jake Mechaell qualified with 6.8991/212.83, however competition in the four qualifying sessions was tough. In session 1, Dániel Donát Lencsés ran a great 6.8456/218.00 to take the #1 spot. In session 3, Alan Morrison Jnr came close with a 6.8568/215.13 to go second.

Jake said: “With the test day being rained off I just had to get on with it and get used to the new changes made to the bike over the winter during qualifying! The power and riding position changes made the bike really difficult to ride as some of you may have seen!

“Saturday night I made the necessary adjustments to make the bike a little easier to hold on to which resulted in a couple of speed PB’s, 1/8 mile @ 178mph and 1000ft @ 203mph! (These were coupled to a 6.6648/219.12 ET slip).”

Jake thanks his sponsors JKE Race Works, Turbosmart, Owen Developments, Putoline Oils, RRobinsons Foundry, Racing Lines, MTC Engineering, Antigravity Batteries, HELPerformance, VP Racing Fuels, Kent Cams, EPS Motorsport, APM Components, Kathy Taylor and WCS Ltd.

JKE Race Works had two Super Street Bikes entered. Teammate Brad Head, in the class for the first time, said he had a “fairly tough first weekend with a few little niggles, issues and also a few rider problems.

“But all in all, great to learn and get out on the bike finally after a long winter! If it was easy everyone would be doing it - right? I was more than happy to come away with a 7 second pass at the end of the weekend; we now have some things to change to make the bike easier to ride next time out so we will get to work on that now and hope for a bit more consistency at the next event!

“Thank you to the main man Jake Mechaell for all his tuning help and building me this bad ass bike once we iron out these small bugs I’m pretty sure it will fly! Thank you to Tony Underhill and William Clark for all their help over the weekend, it was really appreciated, and I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

“Thanks to Chloe Jade Carter for keeping us all fed in the evenings, Julia Sivén for her camera skills and general moral support, also to Bradley O'Connor for stepping up last minute and helping with a couple of electrical issues muchly appreciated!

“Thanks also to my sponsors for the year JKE Race Works, Kathy Taylor, Colin Millar and Lynn Purvis and Robin Read.”

Dániel Donát Lencsés’ team mate Margot Schmidt said “We got the bike back last week from Dániel Donát Lencsés workshop. Boy did he gave her some great upgrades. As result of that I need to adjust to the very powerful bike and get comfortable with it. The first run on the new setup was a 7.43 and the best run of the weekend was Saturday’s 7.39/ 188 mph with a 1.20 60 ft, at half throttle down the track.

“Thank you Dániel for building me such a strong and reliable bike.”

Looking forward to the rescheduled Festival of Power, the eight qualified bikes from Easter will be joined by Steve Venables, Ross Morrison and Rudolfo Maduro to set up a qualifying battle.

Swift snippets.
10th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to Santa Pod Raceway commentator Colin Theobald, videographer/crew/SPR commentator Thomas Cook Abbott, former Funny Bike racer Lizz McCarthy Charman, Wild Bunch racer and historian Mick Gleadow, ET Bike racer and Junior Drag Bike dad Leo Lester, and Williams Brothers patriach Keith Williams. We hope you all have a wonderful day.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to British Drag Racing Hall of fame member and Top Fuel legend Gary Page who is laid up in hospital with what he describes as nerve damage in his back. Get back to the track soon Gary!

You can read a comprehensive account of new rider Jiri Luke's first outing on Phil Baimbridge's Rocket Top Fuel Bike last Saturday, written by Phil in his PBR Top Fuel Bike blog, by clicking here. After initial passes, Jiri is entered for the rescheduled Festival of Power to further acclimatise himself with the awesome machine. 

Straightliners Round 1 results.
9th April 2024

Congratulations to the winners of the first round of the 2024 Straightliners championship last Sunday, 7th April, at Santa Pod Raceway:

Class 9.10: 573 Peter Slater (Hayabusa 1407cc) 9.11/125 def. 518 Maxine Taylor (BMW 1000RR) 9.84/141.

Straightliners No Mercy Shootout: 51 Ashley Hodgson (Kawasaki ZX10R) (10.00) 10.41/132 def. 173 Peter Slater (Hayabusa 1407cc) (8.63) 9.45/134.

Scooters No Mercy Shootout: Paul Gurney (Lambretta GP244cc) (14.70) 14.76/82 def. 312 Amy Wolstenholme (Piaggio 172cc) (17.98) 18.12/65.

NORA Juniors: 444 Jack Taylor (Spiderman125cc) (18.47) 19.17/59 def. 404 Alfie Barraclough (50cc Special) (20.85) 22.34/41.

NORA Eliminations: 14 Rob Kneeshaw (Suzuki GSX 750cc) (13.11) 13.34/95 def. 1180 Carl Hester (Suzuki GSX 1170cc) (10.85) 11.22/116.

Junior Eliminations: 444 Jack Taylor (Spiderman 125cc) (18.47) 18.67/63 def. 404 Jack Baraclough (50cc Special) (20.85)21.16/52.

Euro RWYB: Patrick Merite (Hayabusa 1300cc) 80.78/148 def. Jovian Susana (Suzuki 1000cc) 8.68/151.

Oldschool USB Stock: 1012 Amy Wolstenholme (Suzuki Bandit 400cc) 17.38/72.

Oldschool USB Modified: 1100 Alan Seeley (Suzuki 1200cc) 11.40/120 def. Mark Taylor (Suzuki GSX 1428cc) 9.88/134.

Oldschool USB 2-Stroke: 1203 Rod Spry (Kawasaki H2 750cc)

The racing was held in blustry sunny conditions with qualifying being run in the morning and eliminations in the afternoon.

Complete lists of ETs and speeds recorded on Sunday, including RWYB bikes, are available by clicking on this link. Thanks to Martyn Greathead for supplying Straightliners Championship results and points, which are available by clicking here.

You can check out John Woolfe Racing long term sponsor of event coverage. A full event gallery can be found by clicking here or by clicking on the Events link at the top of any page. We should repeat our new policy that the watermarked photos from our galleries can be downloaded and may be used in social media posts but please do not crop or modify them, in particular we need the watermark retained.

Please join the editorial team in thanking Graham Watkinson for covering the photos at Sunday's event.

Nice money for no prep at Spitfire Raceway.
9th April 2024

Thanks to Lee Child, promoter for the Spitfire raceway at Parrenporth, Cornwall who has announced an event for small tyre no prep on Saturday 20th April. Lee writes:

Spitfire raceway opens its gates again to feature an eliminator race for rear wheel drive small tyre 28/275 cars.

This is a heads up 16 car eliminator race with a huge £2000 winner prize fund and £400 for the runner up.  

Spectator admission is only £10 per person under 16s free.

Track driver sign on fee £45, Eliminator buy in £150, all buy-in money is used for the winner and runner up.

Eliminator rule: door car with small tyre only to be used.

28 x 10.5 and 275 radial, any radial wider than 275 can be used but only allowed a maximum height of 27 inches.

Provisional racers confirmed so far Jack Bowley with his MR2, Beavis Allen's 59 Impala, and Phil Drewitt Ford Pop.

But another 13 small tyre rear wheel drive racers are required. 

To enter send an email by following this link.

The day is also a run what brung day, with camping available on site.

Spitfire raceway is located on Perranporth Airfield , Cornwall TR50XS

NSA round 1 report.
9th April 2024

The first meeting for the National Sprint Association and their Elgar Championship, took place on Saturday 16th March in the hills above Wellington Somerset at Dakota Raceway, aka Smeatharpe airfield, with some 40 riders making the journey for, sadly, just half a days racing.

Overnight rain and an ever present dampness in the air meant grip was at a premium, however a small window of opportunity around mid morning produced some good times, with Simon Havercroft in the Unlimited Racing class on his Blackjack Suzuki, taking FTD with an excellent 9.88s@155 mph. The rain set in in earnest shortly after the lunch break and the decision to call it a day on safety grounds came not long after that.

Please click here to see the full report and pictures taken by NSA Carol and Neil Jenkinson, also photographer Kieran's gallery can be seen by clicking here.

The next meeting for the NSA is the joint Straightliners event at Melbourne Raceway on 13/14th April.

DMSB & DMSJ - German Drag Racing "Pokal” (Cup) 2024.
9th April 2024

Thanks to Andrea Kloss from DMV in Germany once again we invite European drag racers and European junior racers to register for the "DRP Drag Racing Pokal” (Cup) 2024.

The details and online registration can be found on the promoters website by using the following this link. For further information please contact Andrea Kloss, DMV Motorsport by clicking here.

European Drag Racers & European Junior Racers

Drivers can sign up for Pro ET, Super Gas, Super Comp and Super Pro ET and juniors can sign up for Junior Dragster. The trophy has three event rounds:

  • 22nd – 23rd June – ATD 24th European Dragster event at Clastres Dragway in France,
  • 27th – 28th July – ATD 25th European Dragster event at Clastres Dragway in France,
  • 23rd – 25th August – 37th NitrOlympX in Hockenheim in Germany.

Riders can also sign up for ET Bike and Super Comp Bike, however due to the lack of events the sole event for the bikers DMSB Drag Racing Trophy is:

  • 23rd – 25th August – 37th NitrOlympX at Hockenheim in Germany.

The Winners, 2nd and 3rd place of the Drag Racing Cup will be invited to the Gala of Champions in Germany held at the End of November in Suhl, Germany.

Swift snippets.
9th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to former Top Fuel racer Øyvor Jacobsen, injected Camaro racer Brian Waskett, and Malta photographer Alex Buttigieg. We hope you all have a great day.

Santa Pod Raceway have announced that two Top Fuel Dragsters will be appearing at this year's Nostalgia Nationals. Susanne Callin in the Slick Tricks dragster, and Duncan Micallef in the DM Motorsport dragster will be making passes on Saturday and Sunday, 4th and 5th May. Don't miss the first chance this season in the UK to see the Kings of the Sport! Tickets can be bought in advance by clicking here.

Melbourne Raceway had the next batch of tarmac laid in the pits yesterday giving better parking conditions for race cars. Straightliners director Trevor Duckworth said "future works include remainder of the car and bike pits, extending the braking area, sorting the return road out so we can run quarter miles, and a new Portatree timing system. These are large capital expenditure items, so please continue donating by clicking on this link.

Fast Show this Sunday.
8th April 2024

The first performance and modified car event of 2024 takes place this Sunday at Santa Pod Raceway, The Fast Show. There will be a full programme of events throughout the day which is at this page on the Santa Pod website.

Included on track is Run What Ya Brung for which there will be prizes for Best Reaction Time, Quickest ET (Road Legal), Quickest ET (Non-Road Legal), Quickest ET (Bike), and Commentator's Choice Award. You can enter for RYWB at this link and then visit the Sign On Office from 08:00 to show your driving licence and your race voucher e-ticket. There is a RWYB on the Saturday with free camping for weekend ticket holders.

The Fast Show has the first Sports Compact Shootout of the year, for cash prizes to the winner and runner-up. we will report on qualifying and eliminations as well as posting a gallery thanks to Kieran who will be attending.

As well as the above there are a variety of off-track entertainments, a Autoglym Show & Shine with eight prizes, Martin Hill in the Fireforce 5 Jet Dragster, no less than 35 car clubs, Terry Grant stunt displays, Drift Rides and much more.

Yam Yam Racing Drag Club - Test day reminder
8th April 2024

Private testing organiser and FWD racer Scott Lewry has the next Yam Yam Racing Drag Club Private test day at Santa Pod Raceway.

Still time to enter the event.

Monday 15th April Test Day at Santa Pod Raceway.
£110 racer entry and 4 crew.
£10pp Camping.
£10 Spectators.

If you are interested, please do so ASAP. You can sign up by messaging Scott on Facebook or join the Yam Yam Racing Drag Club on Facebook by clicking here.

Swift snippets.
8th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to Pro ET and Super Gas racer Simon Gough, Swedish Top Doorslammer racer Caroline Strand and FWD racer and car detective Sean Prout. Also to Chris Orthodoxou wife Angella. We hope you all have a great day.

Marc Huxley of Huxley Motorsport's released a YouTube video of Andy (Spud) Cunningham's passenger ride which took place at Santa Pod Raceway's Easter Nationals, you can watch the video by clicking here.

Super Pro ET at Easter Nationals.
7th April 2024

Peter Nee Super Pro ET had a cracking race at the Easter Nationals with 19 cars qualified and some exciting races in eliminations. Class sponsorship scheme co-ordinator Richard Walters writes:

It was great to be back at Santa Pod Raceway for the Easter Nationals.

We firstly awarded a few 2023 trophies, with Alan Didwell receiving the Peter Nee memorial trophy from 2022 winner Billy Gane. Secondly Barry Giles received his prize for taking out the National Finals bounty, Collin Morrice. Well done to both!

The first qualifying round of the season gave us our first 'Off the Trailer' medal winner (Medals made by Solo Precision, thanks Tom!) Scott Hauser came out swinging with a 7.412 on a 7.38 dial-in.

The #1 spot changed hands a few times during session two, but Scott managed to consolidate his spot with a 7.382 on a 7.38 to take home both medals! Congrats Scott

The main trophy was for the event win. Scott tried his best to get a clean sweep, but a transbrake malfunction in the semis ended his run. It was Super Pro original Barry Giles who took the honors, beating Collin Morrice in the final in a very close double-breakout race. Great job both!

The next event is in a few weeks and we can't wait to do it all over again!

Super Pro ET is sponsored by:

A J S Bodyworks

A Leek Roofing

Alders Automotive

Another Small ‘F’ Ltd

Bath Bloke

BG Motors

Copyprint Depot

Fenny Racing

Garage Thomas Haas

Good Vibration Motorsports

Giles And Hartley

Giles Services Ltd

Harry’s Coachwork And Pit Equipment     

Hauser Race Cars

Holley Walters Dental

Hr Racing


J K Fahrzeugteknik

Joe Kellett Racing

Miersch Manifolds

MJC Property Solutions

Peter Walters Race Design

Plane Racing

Premiere Rosettes

S&B Racing

Solo Precision

Swinny & Son

Team Time Is Money

Ultra Plastics

Walters Motorsport

Windscreen Wizards



What an amazing start to the season!

Straightliners Round 2 - Melbourne Raceway.
7th April 2024

Straightliners championship continues with round 2 at Melbourne Raceway with Northen Drag Racing, the XHYPE Spring Nationals. Melbourne Raceway!!! 13-14th April.

Book online now. Note the cut off will be the Wednesday (10th April) the event at midnight and then after that they can enter on the day at a slightly higher rate. 

Lots of time and money spent over the winter redeveloping the pits making for a cleaner and smoother experience for riders, drivers and spectators. The tower and signing on office have had a major makeover and with the new backing from XHYPE Oils too it should be a great season.

The car classes that were developing last year will continue along with the ever successful NSCC. NSCC headed by Shaun Wilson is the home of street/strip, street legal drag n’ drive style racing. These guys race, cruise out Saturday night but outside the race events regularly attend NSCC car meets and cruises. 

It will be the second round of the Straightliners Championship, the only multi venue national championship in the UK which ofcourse includes the No Mercy Bike ET Bracket series with the Scooters and Junior Bike Championships. 

RWYB just for fun is always available see; £50 including admission and entry for unlimited runs. 

New for this year, we also have the Melbourne Heads Up ShootOut! Come up to Melbourne and have a go at something a bit different. New elimination 8 car field heads up shoot out open to all cars entered in any of the classes running. 

This is an extra class that is FREE to enter to all cars that have already entered NSCC or another Straightliners Class. RWYB Cars can also enter for an extra £20 if they have a Nora Licence. 

Remember a Nora License is needed for competitive events at Melbourne but is cheap and easy to apply for.
Use this link.

How Does the Melbourne Shootout it Work:

Each day, drivers make at least 1 run at any point of their choosing up to lunchtime (1pm).

Once you have recorded a time your quickest time will go onto a list and upon the completion of this qualifying cars wishing to participate will be grouped into 8s depending on how quick they have ran. The aim is the 8 cars’ ETs will be very close together creating close heads up racing. 

A list of willing competitors will be gathered and with this elimination ladders for the afternoon will he set.

The A FIELD will compromise of the 8 quickest qualified cars. They will compete heads up together with random pairings. 

The B FIELD will be made up of #9-#16 qualifiers and if there is enough for a C FIELD, this will be made up of #17-#24 qualifiers depending on the amount of cars choosing to enter. 

This competition will be heads up with a .400 pro tree and (obviously) run over the 1/8th mile. 


B + C Field Index System: This 'floating' index number will be established as follows: The index number will be set based on the top qualifying elapsed time of each field. 

The index will be a two tenths below that number. For example, after the final qualifying session and if the 'B' field top qualifier's elapsed time is 6.51 , the 'B' field index for eliminations will be a 6.31 for eliminations. This means they still run heads up but cannot go quicker than this time. 

Another example, the 'C’ field top qualifier's elapsed time is 7.14, the index for 'C’ field eliminations will be 6.94.

(Spectators have until Friday before the event to buy tickets and then they pay on the gate. )

Enter now by clicking here, Competition Entries click here

Check more information by visiting Melbourne Raceway facebook page by following this link will be covering post report and pictures by former editor Andy (Tog) Rogers. which you will be able to see via our coverage page supported by John Woolfe Racing.

Meguiar's Drag Festival takes it up to the next level.
7th April 2024

Now Mantorp Park, Sweden can finally present a long-awaited piece of news. On July 25 - 28, the park welcomes 6 Top Fuel teams to Meguiar's Drag Festival - which Mantorp reckons will be the most impressive starting field of Top Fuel in Europe this year.

At Meguiar's Drag Festival you can experience the best drag racing Europe has to offer as six of the fastest cars in the world take on Mantorp Park. An extremely tight and nerve-racking competition is expected as the cars will be competing in a Cannonball format.

Get ready for a weekend filled with excitement and action as Meguiar's Drag Festival takes Europe by storm on July 25 - 28.

Read more and pre-buy your tickets here:


Swift snippets.
7th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to Super Pro ET racer Andy Thetford, VWDRC racer Ken Blomer, Pro ET/Super Gas team member Lauren Molden and Outlaw Anglia team member Michelle Mockford, we hop you all have a great day.

Santa Pod Raceway's Easter Nationals timing data can be seen now by following this link or by clicking "Data" then "Timing Data" at the top on the navigation menu.

The new website platform has made it easier to upload the data sheet and allows readers to filter or search for the data needed. 

Steve Gibbs to be inducted to Hall of Fame at Lions Automobilia Foundation.
6th April 2024

On Thursday 14th November 2024, the Lions Automobilia Foundation Board of Directors and founder Rick Lorentzen will introduce the third annual group of the Lions Automobilia Foundation Hall of Fame inductees.

The Hall of Fame awards dinner and silent auction fundraiser at the Lions Automobilia Foundation in Rancho Dominguez, California will honour the legendary Steve Gibbs who in his long career has headed up NHRA Competitions dept, founded the California Hot Rod Reunion and more recently founded and organised the Nitro Revival. Congratulations to Steve who will be visiting the UK to be at Dragstalgia on the weekend of 5th-7th July 2024. Other drag racing legends being inducted are NHRA founder WallyParks and dragster pioneer Jack Chrisman.

Other inductees are JC Agajanian, Dan Gurney, Parnelli Jones, Carroll Shelby and Bill Stroppe. More details can be seen by clicking here

Next Generation Racing's Easter Nationals.
6th April 2024

Next Generation Racing, the bike team comprising Comp Bike racer Blade King and Junior Drag Bike riders Hollie King and Jaxon King were all racing at the Easter Nationals. Team boss Ollie King writes:

Well, that's the first round finished and boy was it not straight forward. Jaxon on his new bike had a couple wobbles getting used to it but soon was back to his form and riding it great unfortunately he went out in the first round to his mate Harry who had his own problems but got them sorted.

Next Hollie, wow that's all I can say, the girl can ride. We had massive issues off the line with spinning and the bike trying to buck her off, so the clutch was apart multiple times, spacers fitted to take base pressure out. It wasn't enough so then springs came out and we cracked it the bike was fast but pulling left. We checked wheel alignment and from the point we measured it was right but taking a measurement further up. The wheel was out of line causing issues when we sorted that, boom, Hollie was flying reaching the finals but pulling a cherry on the tree as she rolled back a fraction in stage, but huge congratulations to Spud on the win, he rode awesome.

Hollie wrote: It was great to be back at the track after many months away. We had made changes to the bike over winter, so we booked in test day just to make sure the bike was running right, with the bad weather on the test day only got one pass in.

We had one final qualifier on the Sunday. Not to sure where I qualified in the end but went out for the first round of eliminations and was against one of our new juniors first round, I was closer to my time so I went through to the next round, the bike ran nicely so no adjustments needed. Second round came along, and we were both close to our times, but I won on the whole shot! Into the semis I go, was closer to my time so I went through to the finals! I pulled a cherry on the tree by the smallest amount well done to Spud on the win!

Our biggest rider Blade has spent a small fortune over the winter going turbo and moving upto comp bike unfortunately only being able to make 1 qualification round as it broke the clutch springs took at load of material into the engine so rather than risk it the engine will be taken out stripped Down cleaned out and check for damage before the next round ... the upside he got back on the power 100 plus foot out still took the stripe at 166mph so he likes turbo!

Huge thank you to Sequel Agency and Cornucopia Tattoo Studio Taunton for their sponsorship for the 2024 season.

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6th April 2024
Happy Birthday for today to former Top Methanol Dragster racer Derek Flynn, Top Methanol Funny Car racer Sascha Pretzsch, former Junior Dragster racer Katie Ellis, former Top Fuel racer Kim Reymond, and Nostalgia Super Stock racer Billy Mills. Have a great day all.
Malcolm Rigg funeral arrangements.
5th April 2024

Mark Flavell has announced funeral arrangements for Team MFR member Malcolm Rigg who sadly passed away last week:

"For anybody who would like to come and pay their last respects, Mali’s funeral will be the 12th April at 2:30 at the Stockton Crematorium, Bluebell chapel (it is the smaller chapel to the right when you come into the grounds).
"There is no wake as such but if anybody would like to come join us after the service for a drink to celebrate his life at the Horse and Jockey you are more than welcome. He will be resting at Crake and Mallon in Stockton.

"Mali is currently lying waiting in his Team MFR racing uniform shirt."

SPR - Festival of Power Rescheduled - Entry closes today.
5th April 2024

Festival of Power Rescheduled entry closes today for normal entries, after this date a surcharge will occur. Follow this link to enter.

Current entry list can be seen by clicking here.

Festival of Power Rescheduled entry
 closes in 2 Days 11 Hours 14 Mins 58 Secs
Mugridge Motorsport Easter report.
5th April 2024

Modurstang Pro ET racer and Junior Dragster crew chief Nick Mugridge has posted a report of his Easter Nationals in which he came runner up in Sunday's eliminations.

Absolutely mega day. Wasn’t feeling very confident coming out of qualifying after ending up 20th in the 32-Car field. The Track and cold temperatures meant the car didn’t make a good lap until Q3 when the track finally rubbered in , a 10.30 & 10.33 wheel spinning then turned into a 10.18. 

In Round 1 I raced against Warren Watts. The track had been scraped overnight which I found during Jr Dragster Round 1 so I knew if I didn’t make a change I’d be dialling blind. We dropped the tires 1.5psi from Qualy to try and minimise the spin. The car spun hard after the initial launch and the car shook bad but I kept with it and couldn’t see Warren so I lifted out and still ran a 10.17 on the 10.15 Dial. 

Round 2 I faced Dave Rudd. I dialled a 10.14 based on the previous run and changing weather , Dave managed to get by me but Broke Out and I ran a 10.150 to move on. 

Round 3 I raced against Victor Parsons who went Red on the tree handing me the win. While I ran a 10.09 on the 10.14 Dial. 
In the Semi Finals it was a Jr Comp match-up betweern me and Tom Kaye for a spot in the Final. Both running Next Step Racing llc prepared, JKE Race Works powered Jr Comps. The race was settled by a Double Breakout with me taking the win with a 10.072 on the 10.09 to Tom’s 10.13 on his 10.18 Dial. 

My first ever Final Round in Pro ET was with Stevie Gates in his new Camaro. Stevie had been on it all day. I knew I had a tough race on my hands and I wasn’t quite on top of my start line game this weekend trying to adjust to where the car wanted to leave with the new clutch Setup. 

I managed a 0.072 light to his 0.029 , then toward the finish line I thought I could get there and scrub the brakes to make it tighter but Stevie got by me just on the line to take the win. I ran a 10.072 on the 10.06 Dial to Stevie’s 8.60 on the 8.58. 

Looking at the ticket, I couldn’t get there even if I ran a perfect Dial. But Dad was riding with me this weekend and Luke also made it to the Semi Finals from the No.3 qualifying spot. In the end both dragsters were running awesome  this weekend. We couldn’t be happier.

Thanks always go to my mum and brother who are patient with me and go along with my setup changes even when it looks like I don’t need to. To Matthew Seamarks who’s the best dude ever and makes running two cars and driving one so doable. 

And to Scott Hauser at Hauser Race Cars who carried out the work on Luke’s new seat conversion and refreshing the motor in his Junior. Luke’s now super comfortable and the motor was deadly as well. Running exactly what we predicted every round and your GRIP tire softener works wonders. When juniors were suffering tire spin on the very cold and green track, Luke’s car hooked and went with no spin all weekend. 

This weekend was a true test to see how we could manage two cars going deep in rounds. The only downside was my battery cried no more after the Final and forced me to push the dragster back to the pits, preventing me from driving back. 
I can’t wait to jump back in again at the Festival Of Power end of April for Round 2 of the championship.

Swift snippets.
5th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to Outlaw Street racer Owen Forrest and former Wild Bunch racer Adam Price. We hope you both have a fantastic day.

Announcer, crew member and dragster racer-in-waiting Thomas Cook Abbott has posted a video of his racing activities at the SPR Easter Nationals which you can see by clicking here. Crewing for the Super Comp dragster of Mark Coulsell, Thomas remarked "Phew that was close. Nearly didn’t make the event. But we threw the car together and made it to the first round of the year!" 

Fans of Funny Cars can see action live and free from the Texas Motorplex, via Youtube, when Funny Car Chaos kicks off its 2024 Championship tonight. See qualifying by clicking here at 8pm BST and Saturday eliminations by clicking here at 6pm BST.

Straightliners Opening Round preview.
4th April 2024

With the Season Opener of the Straightliners drag racing championship up this weekend at Santa Pod Raceway on Sunday 7th April and with SPR providing a Run What Ya Brung on Saturday 6th April, which will be a great opportunity for racers to test and tune.

Please note entries will now only be available on the day. All future events the closing date for entries will be the Wednesday at midnight before  the event. After this day the price will be at a higher rate.

The Sunday race will see car classes of bracket racing and the heads-up Pro Comp for cars running quicker than 9.19s in the quarter with a 0.4s Pro Tree. Whilst Pro Comp will be run on a Cannonball format with the quickest winners meeting in the final, bracket racing will be run in the traditional basis albeit with different brackets decided by Straightliners in consultation with racers. Pro Extreme ET will be from 9.20-10.75 dial ins, Pro ET from 10.76-12.31, Sportsman ET 12.32 and slower, also Junior Dragstera and Karts, all bracket classes utilising a 0.5s Sportsman Tree. RWYB is also available on Sunday.

Bike racing will feature No Mercy handicap racing with unlimited brackets for each of motorcycles/3 wheelers/quads, Junior Drag Bikes and scooters. Heads up classes comprise a 9.1s index class, Race Legends for riders over 70, Nostalgic Pro Stock (round 1 of the Old School Stockers championship as well), Old School USB Modified, Old School Stock and Old School Two Stroke

Racer entry at this link and Spectator admission should be bought at the Santa Pod website by clicking here

Spectators have until the night before the event to buy tickets then it is pay on the gate only.

In addition, all riders competing in the Straightliners championship classes and eliminations must have Straightliners Club Membership. Two types of annual Straightliners membership are available: One year either at £55 for NORA 92 basic competition licence (which is without benefits) and Club membership or £90 for a NORA 92 National competition licence including insurance benefits and Club membership. Racers are urged to read the Championship Rules and Regulations at this link on the Straightliners website.

To be eligible for the Straightliners Championship, each entrant must complete a minimum of 3 rounds of the season. For cars, one of the events must be at Santa Pod. Entrants must be Straightliners members and have purchased a ticket for the individual event.

RWYB tickets are available for Saturday by clicking this link this is includes race entries and for Sunday for this link.

Please note Outlaw Street are also holding their Round 1 this weekend on both days, more information can be found at this link. Graham Watkinson will be on hand to provide a photo gallery on Sunday, check the post gallery by clicking here.

Huxley Motorsport at Easter Nationals.
4th April 2024

Thanks to Huxley Motorsports Marc Huxley for sending in this update on Easter Nationals, Marc writes:

What a amazing weekend yet again at Santa pod, we were honoured to take legendary and supporter Andy SPUD Cunningham out for his first time down the quarter mile and let’s just say he loved it, A Hugh thanks to the Santa Pod team for letting it happen.

Weather conditions this weekend was crazy to say the least but managed to qualify in 9th and go through one round until I messed up the 2nd round against Matthew Dowdy with a 0.0429 red light.

It was good to be back at the track and see new and old faces in our class. Thanks to all my sponsors and supporters but especially to my best friend Richard Dance.

Big shout out to my dad Brian Huxley too for smashing it once again and getting to the quarter finals in the mighty v8 Focus.

We will be posting the video of Andy's passenger run in the Corolla tonight at 6pm, follow Huxley Motorsports Facebook by clicking here.

Tierp Arena - European Championship early bird offer.
4th April 2024

All tickets are now available on and Hurry up to book your seat and benefit from our Early Bird Offer for daily admission.

2024 EC Drag Racing Championship and the first round in June are now open to everyone. Take the opportunity to book your daily entrance tickets (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) no later than May 27 to receive a SEK 100 discount per ticket.

Tierp Arena, the very epicenter of the world's fastest motorsport, where the adrenaline flows freely and the pulse accelerates to the roof. Now the arena is ready to welcome competitors and spectators to a weekend full of speed, sound and an atmosphere that will make your heart beat in time with the roar of the engine.

With Speedevents as the mastermind behind the event, the races are guaranteed to reach new heights of excitement and drama. You can expect to see the most advanced drag racing cars, from nitromethane fueled monster machines to Pro Modified vehicles, tuned to perfection, fighting to cross the finish line first and take home the win.

In addition to the nerve-wracking action on the track, visitors will be treated to culinary delights in our restaurants, live music and roof-raising entertainment in our Party Box, and refreshing drinks to be enjoyed in our chill Beer Garden. For the children, a huge Fun Zone awaits with everything from bouncy castles to bouncy trampolines and exciting activities. And for those looking for a break from it all, we offer an impressive range of exhibitions that will make the whole family's visit an unforgettable experience.

So put on the hearing protection and enjoy the most powerful and awesome racing cars that once again make their entrance in Sweden and at the Tierp Arena

Swift snippets.
4th April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to Supercharged Outlaws racer and Perfect ET Award sponsor Andy 'Fadster' Hadfield, Pro ET racer Liz Malcolm, Comp Eliminator racer Lloyd Perkins, Dutch racer Ronald Huis and 9.50 Bike racer Rob Stanley, we hope you all have a great day.

SPR Festival of Power Rescheduled - entry reminder.
3rd April 2024

Santa Pod Racers Club secretary Ian Marshall has contacted to reminder ALL racers that the closing date to enter the Festival of Power Rescheduled is Friday 5th April.

Current entry list can be seen by clicking here.

Please follow this link to enter.

Festival of Power Rescheduled entry
 closes in 2 Days 11 Hours 14 Mins 58 Secs
8.50 Bike Easter Nationals report.
3rd April 2024

Thanks for Ian Chrichlow for allowing to post this report on 8.50 Bike and Easter Nationals, Ian wrote:

The Easter Nationals caused a stir with the weather and times with ten entries were listed, nine signed on.

The group welcomed new entrants Carl Thomas, Pete Slater, Mick Winyard and Daniel Madiera, Kostas Giannopoulos doing his licence passes to move up to Super Street Bike, and the regulars from previous seasons.

The positions swayed to and from the first qualifying round to the last as usual, resulting in Jay Roe taking the No.1 qualifier. Racers had problems all weekend from clutch settings, engine breaks, fuel problems, traction, and general technical difficulties, but they all battled through them.

It all came down to the final between Craig Wright and Ian Chrichlow. Ian spun the tire a few feet out, leaving Craig to run away to his first 8.50 Bike winner’s trophy. It was close racing as normal in 8.50 class and will be an exciting season.

An excellent weekend all round and look forward to the Festival of Power Rescheduled at the end of April.

Boost Monkey Racing at Easter Nationals.
3rd April 2024

Many thanks to Boost Monkey Racing racer Victoria Smith for this report on Easter Nationals, Victoria writes:

When you finish getting the car ready just 2 minutes before the load up, then loading up the trailer in gale force winds and sleet, you are certainly not thinking that the racing weekend ahead is going to be a great one.

Over winter the car was completely taken apart, a few changes made, and a new one-piece front end made by Craig Munro, a huge thank you Craig who did an excellent job, very intricate work, and we are over the moon with the finish.

We re-wrapped the car ourselves; it took months to source the identical wrap and it was not an easy job applying it when it was 6 degrees in the garage. It looks great and we love the bonnet in black too.

We did not have time to do any testing in advance of the meeting, we did a 60 second drive from the garage to the trailer. Off the trailer and straight into qualifying, the weather was surprisingly pleasant, but we put in a mild tune in, to see how the track was at the first meeting and testing out baseline suspension, we ran an 8.52 at 178mph. The car hooked well, and we put some mild changes in for Q2, an 8.38 at 179 mph. The third and last qualifier again had some mild changes, and we ran a PB of 8.00 at 189mph, with our previous best being an 8.04.  

Pete and I had sat up late with the data and the laptop creating the tune for first round of Eliminations, desperate for our first ever seven second run.

Elimination came on Sunday and the weather was not as kind with fog, damp, cold and periodic rain, but with the track prepped well for us, the tune went in. We met Ashley Cooper, the Transit God, in the first round, the Buick hooked up and we drove back through applause and cheers by everyone, taking the win with a PB of 7.99 at 185mph.

Elimination round two was with current champion, Andy Bond, a race I have been really looking forward to. A slight change in the tune and we ran another PB of 7.84 at 188mph against Andys 7.40.  Well done Andy and team.

Super happy with the performance of the car, which is down to Pete who is a perfectionist in every way and does everything on the car himself, don’t ever be offended if he doesn’t ask for help, it’s his OCD side, that is what gives me the 180% confidence to jump in the car without testing and running the numbers.

We are in the sevens as they say, “slowly catchy boost monkey.”  I absolutely love being part of the Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator class, full of amazing people who want you to do well.

It is the best organised class I have ever seen and professionally managed by Jack Hale and Jemma Adriane who do such a splendid job.

A huge well done to Michael De Souza on your first ever Street Eliminator Event, it was lovely to meet you and your crew, lovely folk. Cannot wait to catch up at the next meeting. PBs for James Murray, Graham Smith and Elliot Day Well done Guys. Some great racing out there this weekend and outstanding driving from Anthony Piggsy Higgs, watching your pass from the burnout box, amazing and then went on to take the win on the event, cracking effort guys.

Our daughter Grace was also competing in the British Junior Dragster Championship at the same event, she qualified 8th with a good .02 light and got through first round of Eliminations against Frankie Kent, she was then up against Luke Mugridge in E2, she chose her own dial in and was amazing close her dial but sadly red lit.  Well done to Luke (Nick Mugridge and Jan Mugridge).

Grace has done amazing, turning her car round herself as we are running between two classes, which is knackering but worth it. So proud of you Grace.

Thanks to Lee Openshaw and James for helping and feeding Grace when we are busy.

Easter Nationals - Bob's Photo Finish Award winners
2nd April 2024

Congratulations also to Junior Dragster racers Kai Cooper and Emmy Crundwell who won the Bob's Photo Finish Award of £50 each posted by sponsor and longtime supporter Bob Roberts for the closest finish of a green light and non-break out race. Kai and Emmy's finish line margin was 0.0040 seconds or 4.45 inches. 

Please can the parents of Kai and Emmy contact Chris Winn to arrange your winnings by email or via Facebook by clicking here.

Phil Pratt celebrates 25 years - Satan's Lady Easter Nationals report.
2nd April 2024

Thanks to Suzie Morris for sending this write up to, Suzie writes: As team "Satan's Lady" headed to Santa Pod Raceway for the first meeting of our 25th year, we had no idea what an eventful weekend it would turn into.

Mother Nature couldn't quite make her mind up and threw high winds, light breeze, rain, sunshine, dark clouds and rainbows at us... but despite it all, we had a great weekend! Saturday didn't exactly start as planned, Phil rolled into the waterbox, did a strong burnout, went into pre-stage, onto the 2-step and nothing.

We pushed back to the pits to discover a malfunction in the MSD Launch Master box. A replacement was arranged, however it would not arrive until the evening, so Q2 was all about just getting a number on the board, and somehow we Qualified No.4! We have to thank Kyle and Anna from The 'Rents Go Racing Team for the loan of their spare MSD box which ensured a much more representative Q3 pass, meaning we went into Race Day from the No.2 spot.

Sunday dawned cold and foggy, but thankfully the fog cleared, to be replaced by a strong tail wind, but the cold remained! Coats and big hats were donned, and we headed to the lanes for Round 1 of Eliminations, armed with the replacement Launch Master (thanks to Jake of JKE Raceworks). We were paired with Gary Hester, which is always a great race, this weekend proved no different with a 0.017 margin at the stripe, in favour of "Satan's Lady", despite missing a shift. That earned Phil a bye in round two, giving him the opportunity to get a good feel for round three. It's a good job breakouts don't matter on a solo, as an 8.98 was dialled-in, and a 8.95 lit up at the other end.

Next up we were alongside Dave Grundy and having looked at the previous timing slip Phil decided to lower the dial-in to 8.94. An unfortunate red light for Dave, but Phil was still in chase mode, lighting up 8.940, becoming the first recipient of the Hayley Hadfield Perfect ET Award, the timing ticket showing Phil was only 0.0003 off his dial-in! Many thanks to Andy and Purdie for sponsoring the award in memory of the lovely Hayley, who we all miss.
Rd 4, the Semi Final, saw Nicholas Playdon red light in the opposing lane... but Phil ensured his place in the Final with a 8.95, just 0.011 off his dial-in.

As the threatening rain clouds gathered we headed to the lanes alongside No.1 Qualifier Scott Collier. Scott left Phil standing on the startline, and with a run only 0.03 off his Dial-In, a very well deserved win light lit up for Scott and the family team. So there it was, a weekend of ups and downs ended on a high  with us taking home more silverware on our first meeting of 2024 than we did all of the 2023 season!!

Massive thanks to all the hardworking SPRC Crew who, as always worked tirelessly to ensure the meeting got finished and Congratulations to all racers for putting on a great show!!

Homa Drag Racing - Easter Nationals Sportsman ET report.
2nd April 2024

Thanks to Gary Lake for sending in the report from the Easter Nationals to, Gary writes:

What an absolute privilege to be racing again back at Santa Pod Raceway for the opening meeting in 2024.  It was a cold one for sure, rainy, sunny and windy, we had all that Santa Pod usually throws at us!

The weekend ended much better than it started for us, taking home the event win after qualifying back in 24th!

Well done to Richard Palmer for his #1 off the trailer in qualifying, getting to the finals in back-to-back meetings, and I believe will be points leader for Sportsman ET UK after round 1.  Chris Layram eventually pipped Richard to the overall number one qualifier for the day, squeaking ahead by 2 thousandths and only 3 thousandths off his dial in, amazing driving!

Nice to have Alex Prior 2024 Dial in Day winner attending for his first event, qualifying 6th out of 26, which was no mean feat as the top 20 was separated by less than 10th of a second!

Excellent to have new blood and another dial in day participant in the class with Terry Attree qualifying well and going through to the quarter finals in a Ford Focus he hadn’t raced before the weekend.  Sylvia Purcell also debuted in the class, driving a nice modern Ford Mustang which she steered to an excellent first round reaction of 0.07, matching seasoned racer Chris Creswell off the line but losing out by 4 hundredths.

Welcome back to those returning after a short break, great to see so many familiar faces around the track!

Hope to see you all again at the track for the Festival of Power at the end of April.

Swift snippets.
2nd April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to Funny Car crew chief Dave Bryant, Supertwin Top Fuel Bike racer Svein Olav Rolfstad, Pro Stock Bike racer Martin Newbury, 8.50 Bike racer Ivana van den Berg. We hope you all have had a great day.

Easter Nationals results
1st April 2024

Congratulations to the winners at the weekend's Easter Nationals held at Santa Pod Raceway:

Track Worx Comp Eliminator: Nic Williams (8.80) 8.1636/145.73 def Gary Carr (11.72) 11.2102/116.11
W.A. Watts Automotive Super Comp: Paul Hudson 9.0203/151.69 def. Warren Watts 9.1021/149.12
Tony Morris Carburetors Super Gas: Stuart Doignie 10.3220/127.77 def. Andy Harrison 10.9168/140.72
Peter Nee Super Pro ET: Barry Giles (7.51) 7.5087/173.70 def. Collin Morrice (8.77) 8.7648/154.16 double breakout
Modurstang Pro ET:  Stevie Gates (8.58) 8.6095/157.38 def. Nick Mugridge (10.06) 10.0727/126.85
Hutchinson & Dibley Sportsman ET: Gary Lake (14.02) 14.1230/90.09 def. Richard Palmer (13.43) 13.4480/105.50
Top Speed Automotive Street Eliminator: Tony Higgs 8.1525/181.42 def. Andy Bond 8.1811/203.29
Lucas Oil Junior Dragster:  Ted Sullivan (8.34) 8.4189/76.67 def. Liam McDonald (8.25) 8.3170/78.28

Leeks Landscapes Funny Bike: Eric Richard 7.1008/192.22 def. Aswin Le Noble No show.
Taylors Trophy Super Street Bike: Jake Mechaell 7.1318/163.08 def. Alan Morrison 7.3391/183.61 Comp Bike: Danny Cockerill 7.5821/149.11 def. Mark Dainty 13.1410/46.50
JKE Race Works 8.50 Bike: Craig Wright 9.1046/112.51 def. Ian Chrichlow 24.0970/34.58
Atlantic Fluid Tech 9.50 Bike: Rob Stanley 9.6006/132.20 def. Dave Hall 9.9717/108.59
Warpspeed Racing ET Bike: Scott Collier (9.60) 9.6392/120.45 def. Phil Pratt (8.94) 9.0048/149.58 Junior Drag Bike: John McClean (11.90) 11.9470/55.21 def. Hollie King (8.10) 9.3151/80.25

The meeting was held in cold conditions, the track superbly prepared by the SPRC marshals.

Congratulations to TopSpeed Automotive Steet Eliminator's Elliot Day who won the Bad Habit Racing Perfect Light Award of £50 supported by Cath and Tig Napier and to
Warpspeed Racing ET Bike's Phil Pratt who won the Hayley Hadfield Perfect ET Award of £50 supported by Andy 'Fadster' Hadfield.

Bob's Photo Finish Award by sponsor and longtime supporter Bob Roberts for the closest finish of a green light and non-break out race, will be announced once the data has been received and verified.

Thanks to David Anniwell of the Santa Pod Timing Crew for sending us detailed timing data, including test day results, which when received we will post to our timing data area which you can see by clicking on Data, then Timing Data at the top of any page. Official results can be seen at Santa Pod's Official Results Site.

You can check out our John Woolfe Racing-sponsored Festival of Power reports, results and galleries by clicking here or by clicking on the Events link at the top of any page. We should repeat our new policy that the watermarked photos from our galleries can be downloaded and may be used in social media posts but please do not crop or modify them, in particular, we need the watermark retained. Social media sharing may be done on mobile devices from the new site.

Please join us in thanking Julian Hunt and Katie Higgs for their hard work in unfavourable conditions over the race weekend providing their amazing pictures.

Swift snippets.
1st April 2024

Happy Birthday for today to Wild Bunch and Super Comp racer Darryl Howells, and NHRA and Nitro Revival legend Steve Gibbs. Have a great day both.